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Copenhagen Youth Ambassador Project Presentation

The following is a presentation of my Copenhagen Delivers video project for the Copenhagen Youth Goodwill Ambassadors.

Michael Romaniuk

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Copenhagen Youth Ambassador Project Presentation

AGENDA BACKGROUND make it tiny Introduction
Mission Statement
Conclusion That's All Folks! Project Presentation Nowadays there are dozens of Social Networking Platforms. Branding & Identity.
Engaging the audience on a long-term basis.
Recruiting a band of loyal followers that will help spread the message further and faster. "Copenhagen Delivers!" Use these ideas to Promote Copenhagen CONCEPT Create a video website/blog that realistically portrays Copenhagen life. MISSION
STATEMENT To promote Copenhagen and ultimately Denmark as an attractive study, work and living destination through the use of video footage compiled from our daily experiences.

Through these videos we aim to broadcast the cornerstones of daily life in Copenhagen as seen through our eyes.

Our different international backgrounds will help provide a unique insight on cultural specificities and will highlight what we experience as typical Danish life. WE ARE NOT a tourist guide
a fashion blog
or an events calender WE WILL be a source of daily Copenhagen life
offer a unique perspective on the city
provide the viewer with a taste of our personal experiences as they come. METHODS VIDEOS 3-5 minutes max.
as simple and as realistic as possible
dogma95* vs. The big brother of user-uploaded video
Has 20 hours of footage uploaded every single minute. That's nearly 2 million minutes of new video each 24 hours.
The biggest library size.
2GB of maximum file upload size
Youtube is for the masses! The younger brother of user-uploaded video
Highest quality user video on the internet.
Signifanctly smaller library size.
1GB of maximum file upload size.
Not as widely populated, but pertains refinement. SITE CONTENT comments + feedback
likes + dislikes
views from other users than just site visitors www.copenhagendelivers.com
- Archive
- Video Blog Two Components: ARCHIVE Cornerstones of Danish Life
Locations -> Municipalities
*Misc. + Creative VIDEO BLOG Updates
Event related videos
CopenHygge *Maybe even other users to spur Engagement avg. 450 site visitors daily. RESOURCES Support!
Endorsed or sponsored by Copenhagen Ambassadors
The domain name: www.copenhagendelivers.com
Perhaps help with website design
OPTIONAL: Potential equipment i e : Video Camera CONCLUSION Within next 3 months, have complete archive + event updates
For the project to snowball to a point where it can be taken over by another ambassador (directly from CPH) next year, to expand the idea.
I will continue running the project and actively promoting Denmark from Canada
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