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QTA Development 2016

No description

Medical Development Team

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of QTA Development 2016

QTA Development 2016
Let's Get Technical
Let's review what's new!
Looking ahead to 2017
Indicator list to be sent out for tracking suggestions
Checklist finalised by end of November
QTA Process
Session Outline
QTA changes for 2016
Technical assistance on checklist
Discuss QTA process
Revision plan for next year

Support Office and Point of Service tabs
3 main sections:
Clinical Governance
Technical Competence
Facilities & Supplies
Support Office and Point of Service tabs
3 main sections on score summary, but re-ordered on the assessment tabs
Have any
been deleted?
Have any
been added?
STI section
General anaesthesia removed
Cervical cancer screening
to indicators in other sections in order to:
Clarify expectations
Reduce duplication
Increase consistency across channels
Align with competency checklists & written guidelines
Which sections
Have any
been added?
Clinical Governance:
25% of site's score; increase of 5%
Incident management:
30% of CG score; increase of 5%
Internal/Clinical Record Audit:
25% of CG score; increase of 5%
MEM penalty
Flag for general anaesthesia
Caseload penalty added to SF
For which channels do we have a QTA checklist?
What are the benchmarks for each channel?
*MA distribution checklist will no longer be used.
Site Selection
Checklist & Report Submission
Is the QTA a reliable picture of quality?
Centres & Outreach
Social Franchise
MSI Obstetrics
New: MS Ladies
New: Obstetrics SF
C&OR: 90%
SF: 90%
MSI Obs: 90%
MSL: 80%

Obs SF: 90%
Where to access more information on scoring?
The QTA checklist is required to be used for 2016
Clinical Quality Internal Audits.

It is therefore even more important we understand how to use the tool!
The final score is not calculating
Check that
Support Office
3 main sections
have been completed (Clinical Governance-25%; Technical Competence - 60%; Facilities & Supplies - 15%)
How does marking N/A or N/O affect the score?
N/A and N/O responses do not affect the score
An entire section does not apply. Do I leave it blank or put N/A?
Either one!
These indicators say they are "formative" and do not count towards the score. Are they supposed to be assessed?
Formative indicators should still be assessed as much as possible.
How can I quickly check to see if I've completed everything?
Scroll through and check the "error flag" column.
Internal Audit Data Collation
Clinical Quality Internal Audit Database: For programmes to use to consolidate their IA scores
Checklist 1
Checklist 2
Checklist 3
Clinical Quality Internal Audit Database
Revised # of sites based on margin of error of +/-7.5% (+/- 10% in 2015)

ALL Obstetrics sites to be visited

"Additional sites may be visited without prior notification at the request of the assessor."

Global Security Team checks
2017 Timeline
Challenges & suggestions
Checklist FAQs
MDT Workshop, 19 January 2016
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