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on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Floods

What is a flood?
What is a flood you ask? Well a

flood is a large amount of water , or a small amount possibly over flowing the city or town.
It is when a city is flooded when the water is not suppose to be there.
How does a flood occur?
Where does a flood most often happen?
Well a flood most often happens in places
that have lots of heavy rain falls and lots of
rivers .Small villages that live on the beach
also small islands might get flooded.The flooding of rivers followed by heavy rainfall is the most common form of flooding in Australia.
Brazil, China and Pakistan have been hit by major floods in recent years.
What are the effects on the landscape and communities?
Heavy rain fall
Winter snow melt
Rivers over flowing
Warning systems for floods
An alert, watch of possible flooding. The general weather forecasts can also refer to flood producing rain.If people know that there is a flood coming there way they will report it on the news. Floods are slow sometimes so you might know if a flood is coming

Flash floods
Sand bags
can help the house be protected.
What are the ways of preventing this type of disaster?
There are no ways of preventing floods
Thank you
A flash flood is a rapid flooding in low lying areas : washes , rivers and dry lakes. It may be caused by heavy rain fall with a thunderstorm , cyclone , tropical storm or melted water from ice or snow.
After I show you my prezi, I'm sure you will understand about floods

Safety issues involved in floods
Many people are injured or even killed during a flood. The problem is that some people think they can drive threw floods, and that's not safe, because if your in a car or a 4WD then you need to stop driving because you can't drive threw a flood, it's too dangerous.

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