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Aetaire KSA Project

made by ShareAll


on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Aetaire KSA Project

Perfect Team
With this plan we will make a complete offer.
Final Go
are we
do we come from
do we do it
Aetaire (The Project) is a coöperation between
4 companies with each of them playing its own role.
Role in the KSA Project
Leading all technical processes, calculations and decide which companies or products are needed in this project. Filtex will make the estimate for subcontractors.

We make solutions for:
Stand alone (Aetaire)
New buildings
Existing buildings
Space and space related applications

Aetaire was born.
In 2008 Mr. H. van Lieshout (one of the founders of Aetaire Nederland), Mr. H. van Erp (Founder of VGE), people of Philips Lighting and Philips R&D and Mr. P. Leenders (Filtex) came together to create a next level of air purification based on further developing the former ECO-lamp -> Aetaire was born.
Aetaire enters the market.
In 2010 Aetaire ‘s developing is coming to an end and it’s ready to enter the market. Aetaire Nederland is added to the GS&M portfolio.
Aetaire, a succes
Aetaire is sold in over 35 countries around the world.
Aetaire-Nederland | GS&M bv
 Creative Network Concepts
 Sales & Logistics
 Investor
Role in the Aetaire project
Sales and Marketing capacity, logistic organisation and legal affairs.

Air purifying
Aetaire Nederland
GS&M bv is (also) involved in:
Sports- en leisure markets
Storage and logistics
Training and consulting
Consulting company with the highest knowledge regarding air filtration and purification.
Long-term relationships with several universities (p.e. Swansea University, Technical University of Eindhoven and the Radbout University of Nijmegen) and knowledge institutes in The Netherlands and the UK (p.e. TNO and National Aerospace Laboratory)
More than 12 years experience in space and aerospace programs, so if needed or required our standard can meet the standards from those industries.
Role in the Aetaire Project
Adding extra / new technologies on the existing ECO-lamp to bring Aetaire really at a higher level of purifying air.
Consulting Company
Long-Term Relationships
12 years Experience
Role Filtex
Role in the KSA Project
Design and assembly of the (possible) solutions.

Role in the Aetaire Project
Production and developing.
Role VGE
World leader in both developing as manufacturing UVC-Light for purification purposes.
World leader
Role in the KSA Project
Advisor, tester and supplier of the UVC-lights .

Role in the Aetaire Project
Advisor, tester and supplier of the UVC-lights .

Role VGE
do we do it
1. Filtrate the air
3. Ionisation of the air
by using PLASMA
2. UVGI-technologies
In existing buildings: mostly the existing filtration system can be used. If necessary we replace it for new ones containing the newest technologies. Of course maintenance is a serious part of the discussion, because the easiest way it can be done gives the best results. Bad maintenance is the number one course of getting infected air circulation systems.
This is an extra specialization of us. To increase the working of the existing filtration we place ionisation before the filter package. For this we use – just as for all other items – only spare parts of the highest level. Special factories in Germany will provide those components. (1.11)
When needed – and we expect it is needed in those KSA-projects- we increase the Ionisation process and work with Plasma-solutions. And once again: always only by linking the best factories and products which are available for this purpose and use.
UVGI (=Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) by using UVC-lights of Philips.
Philips is the number one player in the world when it comes to powerful and high quality disinfection systems using UVC-light. The company it selves don’t need any further introduction. Our cooperation with Philips (and specially those between VGE and Philips) goes back for more than a decade.
The UVC-lights will do the main part of the purification. (99% of the micro-organism will be harmed by the radiation, if you use the right lamps. (The right as in the right quality and as in the right radiation frequency and power). After getting all the details by Filtex, the Engineers of Philips will suggest the right types of lamps for the projects.
Ceiling solution

2 examples
In-Duct Air solution unit
We design, deliver and integrate electrical engineering systems and deliver total solutions. All over the wold for the maritime sector and industry, retail and other sectors in which technical management is important.
Latest Technology
Innovation knows no bounds, and the possibilities are endless. And at Aleweijnse they know all about that. They provide total solutions in the field of electrical engineering.
In 1900 Cornelis Alewijnse established an installation company in Nijmegen. Now a day, Dick Alewijnse (the 4th generation) is leading this family company with more then 1300 employees, operating in several business units around the complete world.

100 years Experience
Role Allewijnse
As soon as we are involved in the project we will ask for all technical details.
People from both Aetaire and Filtex will visit the projects.

As told we are using subcontractors for each step in the process. Of course – if well occupied and meeting our standards - we can cooperate with local companies as well.

After getting a final GO for the complete offer we will start the projects considering the timelines.
Then we make a plan containing:
Calculation of technical specs
Calculation of costs
Estimate of needed products for subcontractors
List of wanted/planed subcontractors*)
Because purifying the air before and after the filter systems will unburden the filters and the entire air system. It also avoids the arise of a Biofilm on the cooling coils. This will increase the efficiency of your entire system and will require less maintenance.

Every extra maintenance is a chance for mistakes, can be forgotten or will be postponed for any reason. This together will make your air system less efficient and more dangerous for contaminations.
Using our system shows your responsibility and reliability to your society, your people and their environment. Also the fact that we only use the latest developed and tested products by the bests companies from high-end industries shows that you are innovative and ahead in technology
do we do
We offer a
3 step solution
to get rid of contamination in your air.
Role in the KSA Project
The company Allewijnse will take care of the final performance of the concept which is designed by Filtex. Their people will install the systems. This can be done also in a coöperation with local companies. (of course only if they can meet our required quality standards.

Role in KSA-project
Project management, coordination and legal and custom affairs.
International Space Station
National Aerospace Laboratory
Great experience in developing applications for UVC-use. Especially when it comes to water purification.
Developing applications
Thanks to their more than 20 years experience in UVC light they have built up a very long and good relationship with PHILIPS Lighting.
20 years Experience
Also successful launches of products in air purification: ECO-lamp, Aetaire and new In Duct products.
Succesfull launches
Where most other’s only come up with 2 steps:
Reason 3. Socialy engaged and innovative image
Reason 2. More efficiency, both in maintenance as in saving energy.

Reason 1. Good Health

Decrease the number of viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe.
Purify the contaminated air we breathe will increase our healthiness and resistance.
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