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Allure Talent Link Agency

Allure Talent Link Agency

chris clay

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Allure Talent Link Agency

Allure Talent Link Agency
A.T.L Agency Allure Talent Link Agency is an Atlanta based agency that will both represent and promote artists to help them to obtain work in their artistic fields. We work closely with our artists and various companies that provide employment for our talent.
Book dancers, and disc jockeys for commercials, films, workshops, private and public events etc. Also provide training opportunities for dancers, and djs.
Our ideal customers are those who want to broaden their opportunities and market reach in the industry by seeking professional services. Clients will include both male and female dancers and disc jockeys. We plan to help our clients improve their skills through training, so that they are not limited in finding employment. Such training will include sessions for the dancers and disc jockeys that will help them to sharpen their skills and learn new ones, with the help of well-known, established dancers and disc jockeys in the Atlanta area.
Age Range of Talent: 17-35yrs
Our experienced personnel define our company. Many of our personnel are experienced in booking talent and have established business relationships with different companies throughout the country that fit our talents’ needs. We seek to obtain quality jobs for our talent. We will have training sessions each month to help our clients become the best that they can be. We also provide consulting services to our talent. In addition we also provide a fun and loving atmosphere where our artists can be themselves’ and have comfort in knowing that we want to help them succeed. Work Shops Club Events Our company aims:
•to provide exceptionally talented and reliable dancers and disc jockeys that always uphold optimistic attitudes, positive energy and an elite appearance and impression for our clients event,
•to provide our clients with immaculate service by demonstrating friendly, efficient, professional and accountable service
•to continuously find and train talent to become the greatest talent in the talent industry and to maintain a superior reputation
Mission Statement Company Excellence Where Stars are Born First Year Business Goals:
1. To represent at least 10 talents
2. To be involved with at least 5 major companies
3. To have a strong reputation
Intermediate to long-term business goals:
1. To represent actors and musicians
2. To become Atlanta’s best talent agency
Company Goals Foreseen Challenges 1.Sufficient funds to handle the expenses of the first year
2.Setting ourselves apart from the other talent agencies in close proximity
3.Establishing an outstanding reputation
4.Making sure that all of our talent is represented properly to avoid lawsuits
Planned Response -Senior Management will ensure that funds are set aside to cover expenses. All expenses will be included when deciding how much each partner will invest in the company.
-We have to make sure that we market ourselves in a way that companies will see that we offer something different. When our clients are booked for jobs we will make sure that they follow all guidelines and are aware that they represent our company and our endeavor to build a good reputation.
-We want to make sure that our staff is honest and that they maintain professional relationships with all talent, realizing that we are a business and everyone is expected to perform at a certain level.
Market Reasearch Our target market consists of individuals between the ages of 17 and 35 in Atlanta and surrounding areas. These individuals are seeking a career in the entertainment industry by expressing themselves through dancing and bringing an event to life by providing enjoyable music. In addition, these individuals are either in high school or have graduated, but a college degree is not necessary. We expect them to perform at their best level while realizing the importance of growth and capturing people with their talents.
-Our target market also includes various corporations, music labels, musical artists, movie and video directors, party promoters and nightclubs, and other persons rendering services in theater, radio, television and other entertainment enterprises. These businesses seek our talent and will provide jobs for them. The demographics of these individuals vary but they are looking for individuals in a particular age group with specific talents, that we will provide them.
Product Features Allure Talent Agency features a list of dancers and djs with different styles and specialties. Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Salsa and a few others dance styles are performed by our dancers. Each of our talented dancers is unique in their own way but all bring out the true excitement and beauty in the art that they specialize in. We will provide experienced dancers with extensive resumes that will stand out to various clients. The DJs that we provide will be experienced in spinning club mixes, Hip Hop/ R&B, Reggae, House, Techno and Old School music. Our Djs have the ability to start a party anywhere. Many of our dancers and djs will be known for performing for events such as BET Hip Hop Awards, Super Bowl, world tours and music videos for A list artists, and TV commercials for companies such as Nike and Coca Cola. We also provide services for private events such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate annual parties. We are also open to public booking talent for events such as fairs, festivals, concerts, and nightclub events. One of the biggest differentiations of our talent is that they pay close attention to detail while working to satisfy our clients. We like to provide our talent with the info they need to look the part, act the part and be an asset to the event they are booked for. They start off by reading their job description and expectations of a gig and discussing these closely with their agent before and after accepting the job. Our agents always try to provide our talent and clients with all of the background information about each other, needed in order for them to feel comfortable working together. The services we provide always aim to satisfy both the client and talent in the most ethical manners possible. Benefits Differentiation Pricing Our pricing for talent depends on the contractor and the artists’ management. As an agency, we will negotiate the best price to satisfy both the talent and client. The agency will receive 15% of the value of the contract between the artist and the company with whom they will be working with.
As shown in the attached dj sample contract, generally payment will require a deposit due 48 hrs after the contract is sent. This deposit will include 50% of the entire payment and the additional 15% agency fee. The remaining fee will be paid in cash before the performance. If our talent is the only talent booked on a gig generally we can construct the contract payment in this way. In other instances there would probably be a grace period, usually between 7-30 days for a check to be received from the client. From there we will take our agency fee and send the remaining amount to the talent.
Company Description Start-up Costs We anticipate needing $75,500 for building renovation, $41,500 for decorations, furnishings, and equipment and supplies, bringing our startup costs to total $117,000. Financing We will seek out a bank loan for 100,000. Each manager will contribute $17,500 towards the start-up cost of the business.
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