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Fortis Construction

No description

Danielle Gabriel

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Fortis Construction

Fortis is an employee-owned general contractor headquartered in Portland, Oregon.
130 full-time employees
Founded in 2003, their 2013 revenue was $249 M.
Currently have 95 construction sites, with locations in Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and California.
Collaborate approach to work, working with clients from inception through building completion.
Requires Fortis to be proficient in an array of disciplines across the construction spectrum including general contracting, preconstruction, value analysis, construction management, site selection / feasibility studies, and even financial modeling.
Their main construction projects focus on healthcare, higher education (Oregon State being one), data centers (Facebook) and commercial tenants.

Building Leadership One Job Site at a Time
Collaborative culture allows for independent decision-making
In the office: Team meetings are held weekly and in between employees are given freedom
At job sites: Meetings are held daily to discuss ever changing situations and adjust to meet new needs

Maintain company culture by formalizing hiring guidelines to continue to hire the right people
Have clear and written guidelines outlining key performance measures that can lead to upward mobility within company
Create an objective protocol to evaluate employees up for promotion
Post job promotions and opportunities company-wide so everyone has an equal opportunity
Focus on employee training and development during company growth
Continue to maintain supportive and open culture
Communicate more frequently with your employees
Allow less experienced employees development opportunities

Fortis has grown quickly and maintaining their unique culture that has made them successful will be a challenge success since the company started small.
To continue to hire the right people and keep the culture the company was built upon intact.
Upper management can be difficult to reach and sometimes communication breaks down.
Internal promotion can be difficult and there are no written guidelines established for promotion which is difficult. Promotions are typically word of mouth or employees are hand-picked by upper management.

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