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Math Pbat

Hermosa Galam

on 12 June 2013

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Parabola BUNNY FUNCTION ART Are groups of function that are located in the same place but have different shape or size. BUNNY EARS 1. find vertex (3,18)
2distribute in the parabola equation
f(x)=a(x+3) +18
3.determine where the ears concave DO NOW Draw Function and Relation Domain and Range Product Shape Sequence Linear x 1 2 3 4 5 6 y x y 1 2 3 4 5 6 Ordered Pairs {(1,5), (3,8), (7,6), (5,7), (4,6)} Function Relation {(7,4), (7,8), (7,2) (3,6), (4,9)} Function Relation f(x)= r -(x-h) +k 2 2 Location Sequence Shape Sequence f(x)= a*sin (bx-h) + k Linear Parabola f(x)= mx+b f(x)= a (x-h) + k FORMULAS Location Sequence f(x)= r -(x-h) +k 2 2 radius y-axis x-axis Are group of function that are the same shapes and size but are located on different location Change Controls Fixed my a is negative that's why i concave down My a is negative I concave down f(x)= a*sin (bx-h) + k amplitude frequency horizontal shift vertical shift Constant Change Change Change f(x)=mx+b aka y-intercept aka slope determines the steepnes (m)slope=1
(b)y-intercep= (0,-5) How to find the domain find the lowest x-value
find the highest x-value Waves it look like the letter U or the curve when a basketball is thrown 2 f(x)= a (x-h) + k a=concivity Controls of If postive the parabola concaves down If negative it concaves down The higher the absolute value width of parabola is thin a h and k h= x-axis
k=y-axis together they are the VERTEX 2 What do you think? Summary and Conclusion Challenges locating points and putting them on excel Victory Rabbit on my original drawing looks like the one on the powerpoint Manage to finish the drawing handing things late HOL's Interdependece
asked teacher and student for help dependence
worked on powerpoint, excel drawing and paper voice
creativity on presentation interpretation
I what i know and learned and created my paper The End
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