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Plot Diagram

Literary Terms - Plot notes

Mrs. Moster

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Plot Diagram

Rising Action
Falling Action
The first part of the plot
Characters, setting, and basic situation are revealed
Rising Action
Main part of the story
Moves the plot along
Where complications
conflicts arise
Inciting Incident
Inciting Incident
The event that sets
the story in motion

Makes the rest of the
story possible
The most exciting or intense part of the story for the protagonist
The OMG moment!
Usually a turning point
Events that follow the climax and lead to the resolution
conflicts begin moving towards resolution
Falling Action
The end of the story
Loose ends of the plot are tied up
Remaining questions are answered
Conflicts are resolved
Plot Diagram
The message the author is sending to the reader.

Life Lesson/Moral of the story
It is better to have loved and lose than never to have loved.

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