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Miss Carroll's Math Class ... Room 22

No description

liz carroll

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Miss Carroll's Math Class ... Room 22

How do I hand in homework?
Where is homework is posted?
What if I was absent?
Miss Carroll's Math Class ... Room 22
Brighten up the year with your SHINE
•Showcase independence & talents
•Honor and integrity
•Individual and group leadership
•No excuses—take responsibility
•Enthusiastic and respectful attitude

Be Respectful
Required Materials
Remember to bring the following materials with you each class.

1 1/2 inch binder (this will hold your interactive workbook)
Silent Reading Book
A positive attitude!!!
The Start of Class
Please come into class each day ready to learn!

1) Find your seat and be sure to have
your binder and a pencil on your desk.

2) Quietly begin to work on your warm up for the day.

During Class
Pencil Sharpening:
Please sharpen pencils either before class begins or during independent/partner work time.


Students will be allowed to use the bathroom during the last 10 minutes of class, unless there is an emergency.

Polishing Station
1) Verbal warning - Strike 1, I will ask politely to correct behavior or get back on task.
2) Polishing Station Warning - Strike 2, Student is asked a second time to correct behavior. Will go to polishing station and fill out slip for a
3) Polishing Station Write-up - Strike 3! Student has filled out warning and continues to demonstrate negative behavior. Student will sit at polishing station and
complete a full write-up
Be Responsible
Be Dedicated
Highlight your name then place homework in black bin.

Homework will be given out at least 4 times a week!
What To Bring
Homework will be posted in 3 places.
1) On the white board in the back of the room.
2) On the calendar located next to the classroom door.
3) On the calendar found on my website under each of your periods
If you are absent all missing work (homework & classwork) will be located in designated class bin under the History of Math poster.

All missing work will be due the day after you return to class, unless we both agree on a different time.
** Forgot your homework??
- If you forget to bring in your homework, you will be asked to fill out a "pink-sheet".

-Each day homework is late, 1 point will be taken off. After 5 days, I will be entering a 0 as that homework grade.
P.A.T. -- Positive Activity Time

Students will be given the opportunity to earn P.A.T as a class. Students will work together creating goals for each class period, that will result in earning stickers towards P.A.T.
Grades will be based on the following:

Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Classwork, and Projects.
End of Class

Time will be provided to write down the homework in student agendas.

Desks need to be checked for any notebooks.

Chairs must be pushed in neatly before leaving the classroom.
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