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No description

diamond washington

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Rabbit

Rabbit's Foot
Charm History
Rabbit's Foot
By: Diamond Washington
Charm Magic
The charm is believed to bring good luck. The charm was also believed to bring protective magic. Some people believed once they rubbed the rabbit foot their luck begin. The left hind foot was stated to be luckier than the right hind foot. These are superstition beliefs that brought on magically thinking.
Charm Dangers
Charm Research
Charm Wishes
I have four (4) charm wishes. First, I would use the rabbit's foot to obtain straight A's in school. Second, I would use the rabbit foot to keep happiness with my family and friends. Third, I would use the rabbit foot to bring me lots of money and wealth. Lastly, I would also use the rabbit foot for good health.
The rabbit's foot was stated to be orginated from African American folk lore. This folk lore was considered to be magic of hoodoo. People looked for rabbits that were running through the forest. They would try to catch the rabbits and cut off the left hind foot. They used the left hind foot as a charm.
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