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Radioactive waste transport

No description

Zita Herman

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Radioactive waste transport


10 April 2003 Paks I block 2 INES 3 incident in the fuel-rod cleaning system in the spent fuel cooling pond leading
end of 2006, block 2 is put online again
2008 Nuclear Authorithy degree stating 15.12.15 as deadline to remove damaged spent fuel from the pond in block 2
2009 contract for shipment to Russia negotiated between Paks Zrt and Mayak, countersigned by ESA in April 2010
2013 amending of the original contract
February 2014 Oettinger replies to NTW that has been no notification about a amending of the contract for transport for the damaged spent fuel
12 June 2014 I hold a press conference to highlight the problem, and I turn to the responsible HU minister
13 June the responsible minister notifies the EC about the plans for shipment
Autumn 2014 PLEX of block 2 authorized
18 July the Nuclear Authority states that the planned shipment has been duly notified to relevant EU authorities
7 August 2014 Oettinger confirm his previsous statement on an answer to my QW that there has still been no notification of the modified contract to EC/ESA

What happened after the shipment
14 August Paks director general announces successful transport of damaged spent fuel on train via Ukraine
24 September 2014 aerial transport of fresh fuel from Russia to Hungary for the first time, the Nuclear Authority in its permit stresses the need for alternative from conflictfull Ukraine
Autumn 2014 PLEX of block 2 guaranteed
15 April 2015 ESA informs me, that once the transport has taken place, it is EC (DG ENER) that should assess the legal status and consequences and that "the Agency’s signature, “when required, is a necessary condition (including the amendment) for the validity of the contract. '
1 February 2016 I submitted a complaint to DG ENER

KEY issues
Nuclear security
there seems to be no legal obligation on parties not to take security risks like the one HU took - LACK OF EU COMPETENCE
other actors ? no action from IAEA, or NATO

DG ENER closes pilot
expected decision:
breach of EU law stated
obligation to take back the reprocessed fuel rods to HU

Systemic implications?

early August 2014
Radioactive waste transport between Russia & Hungary
Case study: transport of the damaged spent fuel from the 2003 incident

Benedek Jávor
MEP, member of NTW

Nuclear safety
formal breach of EU law non-notification of contract
breach of NWD
shipment for final disposal
is Russia suitable for the Joint Convention and the NWD (!), nb- Germany decided not to ship waste to Mayak from East-German because it is not considered safe...no position from the EC though
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