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Elements of Literature

No description

shawn hyer

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Elements of Literature

Elements of Literature Character Static
Dynamic Static Character- a character that changes little throughout the course of the story Dynamic character- someone that undergoes a significant change because of the main conflict. Example- Blade in Freak the Mighty Example- Max in Freak the Mighty http://www.k-state.edu/english/baker/english320/cc-static_vs_dynamic_characterization.htm Setting 2 Types of Setting
Backdrop Integral- setting is essential to the plot Backdrop- setting is not essential to the plot.
It could happen anywhere. It does not have to
happen at a precise time or an exact place. Setting- the time and place of a story. Day or year. What would be an example of an integral setting? What would be an example
of a backdrop setting? Theme What is a theme park? In literature, a theme is a broad idea in a story, or a message or lesson conveyed by a work. This message is usually about life, society or human nature. How do you find theme? 1. Identify the main conflict.
2. Ask- how was the main conflict resolved or addressed?
3. What was the lesson learned in the story?
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