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The Story of an Hour

No description

Group Project

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Story of an Hour

The Story of an Hour -By Kate Chopin Plot Setting and Atmosphere -There are 3 themes in this story that I found Characterization Mode of Narration -Its in a room basically because it says
"facing the open window a comfortable roomy
chair" (Chopin pg 1) that means that she was in her room Theme(s) -In the story it also states that she is in her room -The atmosphere is emotional , depressing,
mysterious,and thrilling

- The mood kinds of gets mysterious
- It gets mysterious because the readers thinking what will happened next? and the story just starts getting more and more mysterious
- Then it goes back in being depressing because Mrs Mallard dies of a heart disease -In the beginning of the story the reader thinks that what has happened is very sad and emotional -Third Person Author uses words like "he" and "she" when referring to people -Limited Omniscient -Reader is able to see into the mind of only one character - The story takes place in a house Setting Atmosphere -Third Person Limited Omniscient perspective in consistent throughout the story -This point of view is effective because it enables the reader to see the story from a birds-eye view perspective as well as into the mind of one character -The story would be better in a third person omniscient perspective because the reader would be able to see into the minds of all characters and know what they were thinking prior to the climax of the story -This would help readers to see every characters perspective in the story which would make the story more understandable, although it would make the story longer "Live like there's no tomorrow" Theme 1 - That is a theme because Mrs.Mallard thinks hes husbands died and shes thinking I'm free but she doesn't know that her husband is alive and so when she finds out she dies Theme 2 "Everything is not what it seems" -Her husband maybe thought that she loved him but she didn't
- She just wanted to be free and in the end she gets free - Mrs.Mallard thought that her husband was died but he actually wasn't "Appearances can be deceiving" Theme 3 Conflict Internal External -There are 2 major conflicts in the story Character vs. Self:
Louise is trying to fight back the happiness of being free after her husbands death Character vs. Fate:
Louise finds out that her husband isn't actually dead and has a heart attack THE END Exposition Inciting Force Rising Action Crisis CLIMAX Falling Action Resolution -Louise Mallard, wife of Brently Mallard is fragile and emotional
-Josephine is Louise's sister,Richard is Brently's friend
-The story unfolds in the Mallard's house
-Louise has 'heart trouble', its vague label hints it could be the physical health problem or an internal love conflict that could possibly be towards her marriage -Brently dies in a railroad incident
-Richard first heard the news of her Brently's death, through his work
-He knows he has to carefully tell the news to Louise, if told the wrong way it could but her in danger (Her heart trouble)
-Which triggers her to weep "with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sisters arms"(Chopin 1)
-Louise goes away to her room alone, not allowing anyone to follow her -Richard and Josephine tell Louise her husband is dead
-Her first reaction is acceptance, which is an unusual reaction
'She did not hear the story as many woman have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance'(Chopin, 1) - -Louise realizes she wants the new independence
-Though she was only able to realize, she was actually unhappy and didn't feel free during her marriage, when she had to confront her husband's death Protagonist Antagonist -Louise exits her room, and then she takes her sister and together, they happily descend down the stairs.
-But only to find that Brently had actually been alive
-'He had been far from the scene of the accident, and did not even know there had been one' (Chopin 2). -After she just felt independent and freedom, it was painfully shocking to see it rip apart from her
-The shock and horror overcame her in a emotional jolt -With nothing left she let her body be vulnerable to death
-When the doctors come to the house, they conclude that Louise Mallard died of a heart attack -Unexpected things can always happen
-Explicit Statements: “Louise is young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression and even a certain strength”(Chopin 1)

-What the Character Says: In the story, Louise repeats the fact that she is “free” because of her husband’s death (Chopin 1, 2). This tells the reader that Louise was sort of troubled by her husband’s presence.

-Reactions of the Character: When Louise gets the news that her husband was dead (Chopin 1), she begins to weep uncontrollably. This shows that she is very emotional -Reactions to the Character: When Brently enters the house; everyone realizes that he isn’t actually dead (Chopin 2). Josephine reacts by screaming and Richard moves to block him from the view of his wife. This is because Josephine, Louise and Richard weren’t expecting that Brently was alive
-Reactions of the Character: Brently was surprised after all the commotion upon his entering of the house (Chopin 2). He wasn’t expecting the three people in the house to react that way to his arrival -She died because of 'the joy that kills'
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