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Hayes Grier

No description

Rebecca Schaneman

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Hayes Grier

Status Update
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-Hayes Grier has a funny personality and is kind to is older brother Nash
and his little sister Skylynn
-He has a girlfriend that is very lucky to be dating him
-His little sister Skylynn also knows how to hit that Nay Nay (Yes that is pretty important I don't know why but just go with it)
-Hayes would rather drink a bottle of ketchup than drink a bottle of mustard

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Education & Other
-Hayes is a Seventh grader and he is thirteen
(I'm in the seventh grade and I'm thirteen perfect match i swear)
He's a beauty
Hayes Grier

Small Fact's about Hayes Grier
Big Fact's about Hayes Grier
Magcon Boyz
Hayes and his brother Nash go to Magcon
every year, all over the world, they would go with
their friends
- Cameron Dallas
-Matthew Espinosa
- Jack & Jack
- Etc.
Hayes and Nash Grier
-Hayes has a pretty smile but everyone knows that just like they know he has beautiful eyes

-Can break pencils with his head (like ow splinters)
-Plays football with his older brother Nash
-A good but bad singer (we all still love him)
-Knows how to play lacross (lacross is a game sort of like soccer and field hockey mixed)
-Hayes has a girlfriend (I dont know what her name is LOL)
-Hayes and his brother Nash are reffered to as Vine famous
-Looks good in a blue wig (And yes this is a big fact to me)
-Gains about 100,000 followers on vine a week (That proves he is vine famous Yay)
-Nash and Hayes made their little 4 year old sister famous (Well I can say she is freaking adorable)
-An Alabama student helped launch his sucess as well as his brother's
-Well duh isn't it obvious making Vines with his brother Nash and can i say they are pretty good at what they do cause you know they Vine famous
-Playing football with his brother Nash
-Dancing even though he is pretty bad it once again we all do still love him
-Hayes was born on June 8th 2000
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