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No description

Torrance Bailey

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Dogs SWJCS


By: Torrance Bailey

Are dogs color blind?
Dogs are color blind they don't see like we do. They see in black white and gray.
Does President Obama have a dog?
Yes, President Obama has two dogs. The first dogs are named Bo and Sunny. They are Portuguese Water Dogs. Bo is a boy and has lived at the white house with the Obama family since 2009 and sunny is a girl and joined the family in 2013.
Human Nail Polish and dogs
Human nail polish is toxic to some dogs.When some dogs lick it it is toxic.You might have to use some special kind for dogs.
There are more than 100 dog breeds
Can you guess these

Dogs would see the black and white one.
Humans would see the color one.
Look at
her paws
look see
A Show On Dogs
There is a dog show. IT is called dogs 101. It shows tons of dogs.Some of them are big dogs others are little.

I GOT ALL OF IS research,MUSIC,images,and videos foom
MUSIC BY: QQQ "Runaway Puppy"
Video from:www.youtube.com dogs 101 saintbernard
Www.worldbookonline.com is human nail polish toxic to dogs
www.google.com images painted dogs nails,silky terrier,shnoodle,golden retriver,yorkishi terrier,human and dog vision.
produced by SWJCS star productions
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