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Athens V.S. Sparta Geography

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Spiro Varelis

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Athens V.S. Sparta Geography

Athens V.S. Sparta Geography
by Spiro Varelis and Diego Smilanich

In Greece, there were two cities called Sparta and Athens which had
different geographical types.
Comparing 2
Conditions were not great for growing crops but much better than for the Athenians who had more rain, but really poor soil. The Athenians still had a great trading system which the Spartans did not have, but living in the mountains gave them protection from enemies.
At first, the two cities look like they have an equally good geography. But in my opinion, the Spartans have a better geography because the soil in Sparta is the richest In Greece.
Overall, the geography of both cities had advantages and disadvantages, but Sparta had a better location because growing crops and protection from enemies was very important.


Positives About The Athenians Geography
The Athenians lived by the sea which was an advantage to their survival because they had a good trading system.
Negatives About The Athenians Geography
The Athenians had very rocky soil which made it hard for Athenians to grow crops. They got a good amount of rain, but that didn’t help very much with the rocky soil.

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Spartans Geography
Good things about geography
Spartan Geography was in the mountains where they could be protected during war time
Bad things about Geography
Even though the mountains protected them it also caused trading problems,the Spartans had no way to get around the massive mountains to trade with people.
The soil combined with Greece's precipitation made for good crops.
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Our prezi
Thank you for watching
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