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Philip K. Dick Presentation

No description

Parker Schultz

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Philip K. Dick Presentation

Philip K. Dick well . . . not really "Dick-Heads" Is it okay to have sex with a robot? Should I shoot up? What if I'm an alien? } What is reality? Boring Stuff: December 16, 1928 -> March 2, 1982 (age 53)
Science fiction writer
"Post Modernism"
44 Published Novels
+/- 121 Short Stories "More Human
than Humans" [ 1928 1982 1951 Period of Greatest Productivity Sells first short story, "Roog" 1944 Diagnosed with Schizophrenia (Twin Sister Dies ) PKD Born Death 1963 Hugo Award Winner! 1974 Pink Beam Guiding Questions 1) What is real? 2) Is reality relative? 3) What constructs our perceptions?
How are they altered? - His characters grapple with these questions (with mixed results) A Scanner Darkly Outline Parker Schultz Ultimate Shadow "Repairs" "Odd Sensations" Literary Analysis “I’ve had it at the repair shop six times, mostly little malfunctions, but if anyone saw them - for instance - one time the voice tape broke or anyhow got fouled up and it wouldn’t stop baaing - they’d recognize that as a mechanical breakdown.” (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 13) “He wondered, now, about her, too. Some female androids seemed to him pretty’ he had found himself physically attracted by several, and it was an odd sensation, knowing intellectually that they were machines, but emotionally reacting anyhow.” (Do Androids...95) “You will be required to do wrong no matter where you go. It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity. At some time, every creature which lives must do so. It is the ultimate shadow, the defeat of creation; this is the curse at work, the curse that feeds on all life. Everywhere in the universe.” (Do . . .179). The Critics “I am a fictionalizing philosopher, not a novelist; my novel and story-writing ability is employed as a means to formulate my perception. The core of my writing is not art but truth” -PKD “The fact that what Dick is entertaining us about is reality and madness, time and death, sin and salvation -this has escaped most readers and critics. Nobody notices; nobody notices that we have our own homegrown [Jorge Luis] Borges, and have had him for 30 years” (LeGuin 33). “In a literature that has prided itself of rational extrapolation and shunned the chaos implicit in more outright forms of fantasy, such a quantum leap into the unexpected strikes a note very close to heresy” (Taylor 52). Conclusion... GO READ A PKD BOOK! Seriously, you're missing out Thesis: A writer who elevated science fiction to an art form, Philip K. Dick established his distinctive literary voice through his personal philosophies on reality and the human condition; Dick’s speculative ideas fueled his expressive writing style which has built a following of critics and passionate readers that continues to grow to this day.
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