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Copy of Copy of "The Reservist": A Presentation

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zahra gabs

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of "The Reservist": A Presentation

The Poem
Time again for the annual joust, the regular fanfare,
a call to arms, the imperative letters stern
as clarion notes, the king’s command, upon
the pain of court-martial, to tilt
at the old windmills. With creaking bones
and suppressed grunts, we battle-weary knights
creep to attention, ransack the wardrobes
for our rusty armour, tuck the pot bellies
with great finesse into the shrinking gear
and with helmets shutting off half our world,
report for service. We are again united
with sleek weapons we were betrothed to
in our active cavalier days.
"The Reservist": A Presentation
Written by: Boey Kim Cheng

Free verse poem
Theme of this poem: war.
Purpose: show monotony and repetitiveness of war.
Speaker: part-time soldier
Stanza One
Stanza One: Analysis
Stanza One: Analysis
Martial language and war-like imagery evident

” and “
call to arms

introduces war to both soldiers and reader.
Ironic: declaration not 'grand'; speaker mocking war

Creaking bones
” and “
suppressed grunts

soldiers out of shape and worn out
Condition of soldiers shows monotony; battle-weary
Stanza One: Analysis (cont'd)
Stanza Two: Analysis

same hills
”, “
same forests

, and

same trails

repetition; recognized routes = never-ending war

like children placed/ on carousels they cannot get off from

simile; soldiers have no control/ helpless child

expensive fantasyland
= military exercises
masked threats and monsters
alliteration; involuntary assassin
Stanza Two

battle-weary knights
sleek weapons


rusty armour

comic approach
irony; opposite to ‘knight in shining armor’
Stanza Three
We will keep charging up the same hills, plodthrough the same forests, till we are too old,too ill-fitted for life’s other territories.The same trails will find us time and again, and we quick to obey, like children placed on carousels they cannot get off from, bornealong through somebody’s expensive fantasyland,with an oncoming rush of tedious rituals, masked threatsand monsters armed with the same roar.
Stanza Three: Analysis
turning point; a shift of tone
unlikely heroes
optimistic tone; speaker believes possible achievement
Greek myth= Sisyphus; boulder up a hill
send his lordship to sleep
broken myth; victory achieved in ceaseless war
open sea


"; renewal
In the end we will perhaps surprise ourselves
and emerge unlikely heroes with long years
of braving the same horrors
pinned on our tunic fronts.
We will have proven that Sisyphus is not a myth.
We will play the game till the monotony
sends his lordship to sleep.
We wil
march the same paths till they break
onto new trails, our lives stumbling
onto the open sea, into the daybreak.
Kim Boey Cheng
born 1965; Singapore-born Australian poet.
National Arts Council's Young Artist Award (1996).
lectures Creative Writing @ University of Newcastle
secondary education at Victoria School
Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in English Lit. from National University of Singapore.
doctoral programme w/ National University of Singapore- discnt'd
Disillusioned w/ literary & cultural politics


The Poet's Works
Somewhere-bound, (1989)
Another Place, (1992)
Days of No Name, (1996)
Losing Alexandria, (Giramondo, 2003)
Calling the Poems Home, (2004)
Plum Blossom or Quong Tart at the QVB, (Melbourne University Press, 2005)
After the Fire: New and selected poems, (2006)
Report to Wordsworth,
The Planners
Cambridge International Examinations. (2006). Songs of ourselves: The university of Cambridge
international examinations anthology of poetry in english. (p. 224). Cambridge University Press.

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kim cheng. Retrieved from http://literature-classics.knoji.com/reservist-by-boey-kim-cheng/

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