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Sports in Japan

No description

Tiffany Winslow

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Sports in Japan

By Rosemarie, Lisa, Samantha and Tiffany
Background to sport
鈴木 一朗- Ichiro Suzuki
Sports in Japan
バスケットボール: Basketball
Sports in Japan
ローズマリー と リサ とサマンサ とテイフアニー

Figure skating
Figure skating is quite popular in 日本. There is an annual event called the 'All-Japan Figure Skating Championships'. This is held to determine the national champions of 日本. Skaters compete in pair skating, ice dancing, men's singles and ladies singles.

One of the most popular figure skaters is 23 year old, Mao Asada. Mao was born in 九月二十五日 and is a Japanese competitive figure skater (フィギュアスケート選手) and an Olympic silver medalist. One of her most famous skating skills is the triple axel jump. She is also known for her smooth skating. Mao is the only female figure skater who has landed three triple axels in one competition. She achieved this in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Mao has skated since she was a child and in 2013 became the only skater to win all 7 events on the Grand Prix circuit.
やきゅう was imported from America during the early 明治時代- Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). It almost instantly became popular and began to spread throughout the country.

It got to the point where it became the most watched and played sport in 日本.
It is played at a variety of levels, from schools and small amateur clubs to professional league- some Japanese players are even signed by big American clubs.

Japanese teams are highly regarded, as they are known to perform well in international competitions.

The baseball season usually begins with spring training in February and March, while regular season games are held from late March to October.

日本 has many basketball players. One of these players is ゆた たぶせ. He was born 10月5日 1980, in よこはま。 He became the first Japanese to play in the NBA summer league. He was also the only born Japanese player to play in the NBA. From 2003 to 2008 he signed up with many アメリカ チーム.

He played with Los Angeles Clippers and his first game was with Phoenix Suns. In Japan he made many headlines. On said, "Tabuse, the splendid achievement on the NBA court as a Japanese basketball player!" -- Tokyo Chunichi.

He had set many records and was one the best players in the NBA. In 2008, たぶせ joined the 日本ご league team. This team was called りんく とちぎ BREX. In this team he became the title winner in two short years. he is classed as an icon in Japan because of what he achieved and even the fact that he was the only Japanese basketball player to get into NBA.    

サッカー: Soccer
Born Oct. 22, 1973 in 春日井(Kasugai), 日本.
First began his train at the age of three.

He is a seven-time batting champion in Japan. He had heard about other Japanese players succeeding in America and sought to follow their footsteps.

Kicked off his American debut by signing a 3 year contract with the Seattle Mariners. He became an instant sensation.
He led the American League in stolen bases and batting average in 2001, and then lead the league in batting once again in 2004.
Ichiro was then traded to the New York Yankees in July 2012.

Sports play a significant part in Japanese culture to this day.
A wide variety of sports are played. Traditional martial arts like 柔道 (Judo) and けんどう (Kendo) are quite popular, but sports imported from overseas, such as やきゅう(baseball) and サッカー (football) are equally as popular.

バスケットボール might not be as big in 日本, but 日本 do have big plans for men's バスケットボール in the future. Right now バスケットボール is more of a fun activity.
サッカー is one of the most popular スポーツ in 日本. People of all ages and both genders play サッカー and futsal. The 日本ご national サッカー teams are currently among the highest ranked Asian teams in the world. The men's national team is nicknamed the "サムライブルー"(Samurai Blue) after their jersey's color, and the women's national team is known as "なでしこ 日本" after a flower that is related to the image of the ideal 日本ご woman. The women's team won the 2011 World Cup as the first Asian team ever.
しゅんすけ なかむら is a famous soccer player in 日本. In 1997, 19-year-old なかむら joined よこはま マリノス of J. League Division 1. He made his debut with マリノス on 16 April of that year against Gamba Osaka. なかむら finished the season with 27 appearances and 5 goals.

In 2000, なかむら had his best season in よこはま, recording 5 goals and 11 assists, and winning the J League Most Valuable Player award. なかむら left マリノス during the 2002 season to join Reggina of Serie A, after the clubs agreed to a US$3.5 million transfer fee following a 6-month loan period.
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