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Brazilian Samba

Just a simple music assignment for the ethnomusicology i am currently studing...

JoJo Choi

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Brazilian Samba

Música Brasileira! Brazilian Music! The spirit of Brazil! Welcome To Carnival! The percussion instruments include:

The Western substitutes for these are: Musical Features: Example 2: Filled with happiness, spirit and music, Carnival will blow your mind! Key Features Of Brazilian Samba Music: Whooooooooooo~ Samba! INSTRUMENTS Brazil uses a lot of rhythmic uplifting sounds from the percussion category to move and groove to the rhythm of the beat! Let's Goooooooooo! Rhythm and Beat: The samba is usually played in either a 2/4 bar or a 4/4 bar timing. Samba's most basic rhythm is a rolling 16th-note pattern, with four 16ths per beat. Call and answer rhythms that interlock with the syncopated lines. The samba rhythms Surdo, tamborim, chocalho, reco-reco and cabaca. The tom-tom, tambourine, cowbells, maracas etc. DA-ah deh DUm, DA-ah deh DUm, DAH deh DAH deh DA-ah deh Dum.. Influenced by a lot of countries and cultures: Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad and the Caribbean. Basics of Brazil! Olá amigo!
Bem-vindo ao Brasil~ SAMBA! From Slave... TO Samba... What are you?: Carnival Samba- e.g) Samba enredo and samba batucada. This uses the... Heavy bass accompaniments Themed lyrics are included in many of the samba genres. Limited chords, triads or seven chords. Carnival is considered the biggest holiday in the whole of South America! The most popular genres that are played in carnival are: Samba-enredo and Marchinha Aquarela do Brasil Music is a major parts to the Brazilian people lives. All day, every day.
Their interest in music is so big that some of their forms of political expression is through music and the dance. Every corner you turn in Rio De Janeiro,
a different variety of tunes will be heard. 2/4 or 4/4 time signature. Use of multiple percussion beats There are many conductors Only the main conductors had a whistle. Thick layered syncopated drumming sounds together Brazil is the largest country located in South America. Brasilia is the Capital City. Portuguese is the most fluently spoken language. True samba = Rio de Janeiro.
Most common= Samba enredo, pagode and Batucada.
Other styles include: Maracatu, samba reggae, and samba funk. The Musical Factors: Limited chorus Uses sounds of wooden blocks and batucada rhythm. Types of Samba~ Emphasis on the second beat Percussion plays interlocking and syncopated rhythms Materials For Costumes A lot of materials and details are needed for a Samba costume: Spiritual! Polyrhythmic Bass drum Western Influenced Instruments: Piano Guitar Clarinet Flute Trumpet Mento and Ska- Jamaica Calypso Trinidad Africa Rhythmic Drumming Where does it all start? Samba= Mainly africa 1) 2) Paradaing and circular body movements 3) Solution to:
Physical and emotional problems
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