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Unit 7 Organisational System Security

No description

Darrell Webb

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Unit 7 Organisational System Security

Unit 7 Organizational System Security
Assignment 1 P2 Physical Security
Darrell Webb
Describe how physical security measures can help keep systems secure

Security Guards
Security guards can be used to help protect
Equipment that stores important data. No matter how much you spend securing the data with software etc, it can still be at risk of someone stealing it. To reduce the risk of this happening, security guards are employed to keep check and ensure that it is safe.

CCTV can installed to record the areas around important areas that must be protect and can be surveyed. If someone attempt to steal important data, CCTV Recording will film intruders to help identify who has taken equipment. People cannot always be around valuable data to protect it so CCTV can act as a permenant monitoring system. The advantage is that you can play footage back to check and a security officer could watch the CCTV live to make quick action if there is an intruder
Locks can act as a very successful way of keeping private areas secure. When people are not around to keep them safe. Even if there is an organisation who only allows higher up staff to have access to data, they will need to restrict it to everybody else by using locks, lower down staff will not be able to peak at it. If locks are in use with CCTV, then it could work effectively. This is because an intruder will not be able to access important information and the CCTV will identify who is attempting to do so.
Finger Prints
By using fingerprints, people can easily identify themselves to bypass increased security systems with the intend to protect important information. Fingerprint may not apply to all situations. In secure areas that only allows access to people with permission will need fingerprint scanners because they are the only people allowed to enter that area. Anyone who is not allowed will not be recognised with their fingerprints and will be denied access.
Biometric Authentication
Kensington Lock

Biometric Authentication is the use of identifying people that are allowed to have access and people who cannot have access. This is a security method that ensures safety of important information for example: if an administrator can prove who he is by his biometric authentication, then he can go through and access information on the system. Someone who does not have access who tries to will be identified as unauthorised access and will not be able to gain access.
Kensington security lock is a lock that is designed to protect computer equipment by providing a strong lock that is hard to break. Kensing locks allow a two sided cable to connect to computer security areas that will keep it secure from people who attempt to steal it. Advanced kensington locks can signal an alarm when someone attempts to take it off.
You should always have a place to backup all the data that is stored on your systems. Backup will come in even more useful in the case of stolen information for example: If you keep regular backup updates of all the current information, if someone steals system information, you will have another access point to the information to help show exactly what information has been taken. This way you will know what is gone.
Disable the drives
If you dont want people copying important information to removable media, you can disable or remove USB ports and other ways of connecting external drives. You can get physical Disk locks that can be inserted into drives on computers that can lock out the use of availabvle drives to prevent the use of them.
Visitor pass
A visitor pass is the use of having a pass that can be shown to security. The visitor pass shows that you have authorisation to important information in the organisation. Logs can be added to show who has recently visited for security measures.
Voice recognition/Face reconnition
You can use voice recognition systems to protect security systems. With the use of voice recognition, you can use voices to help identify key individuals who are set to have permission. the same can be done with faces. Face recognition can be used to match the face to the identity of a person who has access rights to enter.
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