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Othello Character Analysis

No description

Ben Ousey

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Othello Character Analysis

Analysis of
Othello Characters
Emilia is the wife of Iago, and the handmaiden of Desdemona. Emilia has the will of a fighter in her that Desdemona lacks. She is the only character in the play who doesn't fully trust Iago. However she would eventually aid Iago by presenting him the handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona to prove his love.
Emilia keeps the audience from ripping out there hair from Desdemona's unnatural innocence and trust. Emilia is the character who get's angry for Desdemona and stand up to other characters in the play such as Iago and Othello. After her unknowing betrayal to Desdemona. She would bring the downfall of Iago by revealing his plot to destroy Othello.
Though she was not a main character, Emilia was necessary in bringing about a balance to Desdemona, and to show how Woman aren't easily controllable by men
Roderigo was a tool that Iago ultimately used to help bring about the downfall of Othello. Rich, young, dumb, and in love with Desdemona was all Iago needed to manipulate Roderigo. With his lust for Desdemona, he would follow whatever advice Iago would give him. Roderigo rewarded Iago with all of the money he asked for.
Blinded by lack of wisdom and love Roderigo attacked Cassio who he saw as a potential rival for the love Desdemona. Roderigo received nothing from Iago but a quick and disgraceful death. In his final moments he was the first character to realize how evil Iago truly was.
Roderigo was in the play to be used as a tool for Iago. As well as a reminder the audience how manipulative Iago could be.
Cassio is a young venetian man who receive a promotion from Othello to be his lieutenant. This would be the intial motivation for Iago's revenge. After the brawl at the party with Roderigo, Cassio was replaced by Iago. Though he and Othello were not on good terms after this, he tried to repair what damage had been done through Desdemona. Iago would use Cassio's young attractiveness and silver tongue with the ladies to convince Othello he is being cuckold.
Cassio's intentions toward Desdemona were only honorable and friendly. The small gestures they shared would be twisted by Iago. Cassio was always loyal to Othello and Desdemona. In the aftermath of Desdemona's and Othello's death he would bring about the justice of Iago.
Cassio was used to create Jealousy in Othello's mind. Though he was only trying to rectify his mistake at the brawl. Which in turn would only bring about the deaths of the people he cared for.
To begin the play Desdemona is a strong woman who eloped with Othello and stood up to her father. The love she bears for Othello would leave her blind to his building doubt in her faithfulness. Throughout the play Desdemona weakens from her love and trust in Othello. She doesn't stand for herself when Othello has an outburst of anger towards her, she just complies with whatever his wishes are.
Desdemona has an unnatural sense of goodness in her. Emilia would cheat on Iago if it were to her benefit. Desdemona however stays loyal to the point where Othello his strangling her in their bed. Desdemona takes the blame in her own death. Though it was Iago's manipulation which casued it all. She believes that she caused the sinister thoughts in Othello and she could have prevented them.
Desdemona's demise would be brought by her trust and love in Othello. She show's to the audience that caring to much for something or someone could bring about your downfall
Iago was Othello's Ensign who replaced Cassio as lieutenant. Iago was the puppeteer behind the show. Manipulating Roderigo into supporting him with funds and acts of treachery. Using his silver tongue places thoughts Desdemona's unfaithfulness into Othello's mind. Iago's intial motivation for revenge on Othello came when he gave Cassio the promotion as lieutenant.
Iago uses his wife Emilia to retrieve Desdemona's handkerchief. Which he plants in Cassio's room to make Othello believe Desdemona and him are having an affair. Iago twists the small gestures such as the hand kisses and smiles Desdemona and Cassio share. Into fuel for the doubt in Othello's mind
Iago's downfall would come when he believes he has control over his wife. the vengeful Iago would have his plot revealed and earn himself a lifetime in a dungeon.
In the beginning Othello was a man who was strong, authoritative, and sound of mind. He elopes with Desdemona and believes in the love he and her share together. Throughout the play the Othello we know is widdled down from the efforts of Iago. He is reduced to a husk of a man of who he once was. Unsure of himself or Desdemona's loyalty, he let's Iago manipulate him who once would not persuade near the start. Othello's outbursts towards Desdemona are more violent and filled with more anger the longer that Iago has him in his palm
The people in Othello's court lose respect for him as his anger increases and his sanity decreases. The more time Iago spends with Othello the less time Othello spends with others. He trusts Iago more with each moment as well as distrusts Desdemona and Cassio. Once Othello murders Desdemona in their bed it is revealed to him that none of it was true and it was all a plot by Iago.
Othello was a character of high standards who was chipped away at by Iago, until the point where he was beyond redemption. After taking the life of Desdemona he takes his own life since he believes he can't bear to live with himself after his injust action
The End
By Benjamin Ousey
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