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Queen Elizabeth I and her Government

How the government during Queen Elizabeth's rule functioned

Kristen Lango

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth I and her Government

Monarchy Queen Elizabeth I and her Government Born: September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace
Father: King Henry VIII
Mother: Queen Anne Boleyn About Elizabeth I Time Line Elizabeth dies, leaving
no successor- King James
VI of Scotland becomes
King James I of England History of Elizabeth and Family Mother, Queen Anne Boleyn- executed when Elizabeth was 2.
Father, King Henry VIII married 6 wives (2 divorces, 2 executed, 1 died, and 1 outlived him) He was not a Catholic man
He wished for a son
Elizabeth's life played out onto a bloody back drop- The Reformation and Europe split into two (splitting of religions between Protestants and Catholics)
Elizabeth was a renaissance woman
She loved learning By the age of 11 she learned Greek, Latin, French and Italian
Strong Protestant- member of church her father led
Played instruments
Considered to be the greatest monarch in English history
At first was considered illegitimate by Europeans Queen Mary Contrast In Religions 37 years old at the time and Catholic
Brought back Catholic Church as England's state religion
All Protestant's were sent to prison Queen Elizabeth 20 years old at the time
One "uniform" religion:
the Anglican Church
Catholic mass was outlawed
People paid fines if did not
attend Anglican services
Queen Elizabeth names leader of
church of England Privy Council
Astrologer John Dee
Elizabeth's horoscope
Became queen in 1558 at 25 years old Elizabeth's Coronation How the date was determined Mother executed
for treason- King Henry
marries Jane Seymour two
weeks later 1536 Princess Elizabeth is
declared a bastard and
removed from the royal
line of succession 1537 1547 Henry VIII dies
and Elizabeth's
half brother becomes
King Edward VI Edward dies and
is succeeded by Lady
Jane Grey until deposed
by Elizabeth's sister
Mary Tudor, who becomes
queen of England. 1553 Elizabeth is imprisoned
in the Tower of London
for suspected plotting
against Mary 1554 Queen Mary dies
after bloody reign
of persecution 1558 Elizabeth is crowned
England's Queen
Elizabeth I 1559 1603 Adventurers to North America Establish colonies in the Queen's name Harass Spanish Walter Raleigh Virginia's Name Now English Parliament is always virtually in session
During reign of Elizabeth it was called only rarely Parliament Monarch had the power to summon and dissolve Parliament 3 main focuses of Parliament: Legislation
Taxation Required the consent of the Queen, Lords, and Commons Legislation Makes laws
Raise money
Decide upon matters of religion and national defense 3 bodies that work together to rule the country: Queen Elizabeth I and Government Monarch
Privy Council Government at this age was very different to what it is today Elizabeth was very much a ruler, unlike monarchs today who are simply figure heads Figure heads
Ruler She made all major decisions Decision Making No law could be passed without her consent
The religion of the country
When Parliament was going to sit and what they would discuss
If the country would go to war
Education and welfare of her people
Chose men to help govern Everyone in the country had to obey her- not to obey her was against the law and could be considered treason in which the penalty was death The most powerful men in the land were those who she chose to have around her Elections were often rigged Every law began with a bill
bills on money matters had to be introduced in the House of Commons; bills affecting the nobility had to begin in the House of Lords After it had been read and approved three times in both houses, bill was sent to the queen for her assent. If she agreed, then became an Act of Parliament Many members found Private legislation extremely useful- preformed such functions as allowing a town to hold a market, or securing an individuals title to land Only another parliament could overturn an Act of Parliament 438 public and private Acts were passed by Elizabeth's parliaments and many more were considered Advice The official summons to Parliament called on the members to advise the monarch, but in practice, Elizabeth was rarely interested in the opinions of her members of Parliament. One exception was in 1586, when Elizabeth summoned Parliament to ask its view of whether she should execute Mary, Queen of Scots. Taxation Main purpose of Parliament so far as Elizabeth I was concerned was to vote taxation Parliamentary taxation never supplied enough to cover Elizabeth's military expenditures, and so she was forced to sell land and resort to (dubiously legal) schemes The crown became increasingly dependent on direct taxation English government passed various laws to try and cope with social problems Society Under Elizabeth Acts were passed throughout the reign and consolidated in the Poor Law of 1607 Elizabethan poor relief legislation distinguished the able- bodied (who could work but did not) from the 'impotent poor' (those too old/sick to provided for themselves) managed to keep some stability Economy and Society English population continued to rise
More people meant more demand and food prices rose about 75%
Government tries to preserve social stability
The Statue of Artificers Statue attemped to make men stay in the locality where they were born and to do the same work as their fathers England United States Government Compare 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Leader Monarchy Democracy Queen Elizabeth President Obama Elizabeth's Death March 24, 1603
Slipped into a coma
Ruled England for 45 years
Elizabethan Style
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