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Lyda D. Newman

No description

Sydney Kira

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Lyda D. Newman

Lyda D. Newman
Lyda D. Newman's birth date is unknown, but she was born sometime before 1898, for this is the year she recieved the patent for her invention. Lyda decided that instead of being the typical woman, she would go to work inventing things. On November 15th, 1898 Lyda recieved the patent for her new and improved model of the hairbrush. Additionally to the work of her invention, Lyda was one of the organizers for the African American branch of the Womens sufferage party. The censuses of 1920 and 1925 confirm that Lyda, in her 30s, was living in an apartment on Manhattan's West Side and was working as the hairdresser to a private family. Her death date is also unknown.
Lyda Newman invented the hairbrush because slavery was going on, and they didn't have much of anything to keep them in good care. Lyda wanted to find a way to keep the slaves hair out of their faces. Although Lyda did NOT invent the first hairbrush, she invented the improved model. Originally, the bristles on brushes were taken from animals, mostly boar. As a result, brushes were expensive and they tore your scalp up. Lyda's brush was the first to use synthetic bristles. These bristles were durablable, cheaper to make, and were easier on the scalp.
In the past, the people were very grateful for Lyda's improved model of the hairbrush. They no longer had to tear their scalp up with a brush made from boars hair. The new synthetic bristles made brushing their hair less painful.
What if Lyda didn't improve the hairbrush?
If Lyda D. Newman did not improve the hairbrush, people would have very poor hygiene. Our hair would be nappy and very messy. The previous brush's bristles would have made our scalps very sensitive. To avoid the pain of brushing their hair, people may have cut their hair off or just not brushed their hair at all. In addition, if we didn't have the new and improved hairbrush, we may not have much diversity in hair styles. The unique styles we have today would have been delayed until someone came up with a new idea to tame messy hair. All in all, without Lyda's improved model of the hairbrush, our lives would be very different in terms of hair.
Lyda D. Newman
Inventor of the improved hairbrush
The people of today use the hairbrush every single day. Lyda's new model of the hairbrush really helped us in everyday life, otherwise we would still be shredding our scalps with boars hair.
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