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Marine West Coast Climate

No description

marissa ferreira

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Marine West Coast Climate

Average Temperature of London ,England in the hottest and coldest month:There isn’t a huge difference in temperature from the winter to summer. Location : London ,England in Europe Climate Zone : Marine West Coast Average Rainfall of London,England :Their wet season is during the winter months and their dry season is in the summer. Marine West Coast is a climate influenced by a nearby ocean with mild temperatures and a steady precipitation . Other Locations around the world with Marine West Coast climates. Seattle,Washington Oregon British Columbia New Zealand Southern Alaska Where is London ? Marine West Coast climates are found on the west coast of continents and is very humid through most of the year. Its location is in the path of westerly winds from the ocean to land that bring cloudy skies, a lot of precipitation, and mild temperatures.The ocean effects the climate by reducing temperature changes.Average precipitation patters throughout the year . Fog , low clouds , and drizzle are very common but thunderstorms , extreme temperatures and droughts are rare . Climate Description ... Factors affecting Temperature : 1.Latitude - The latitude of London is 51 degrees North.London is not near the equator.Places not near the equator tend to be colder because the further away a place is from the equator the more indirectly the sun rays hit th surface. 2.Altitude/Elevation - The elevation id 203 feet . That is above sea level but very low elevation.Every kilometer you rise ,the temperature would decrease by 6.5 degrees C. 3.Nearness to large body of water - London is close to the Atlantic ocean .Marine climates occur near the ocean ,winds blow off it and bring moisture up . 4.Ocean Currents - The North Atlantic Drift is a warm current that blows over prevailing winds. Factors affecting Precipitation : 1.Mountain Ranges - There are no mountain ranges to affect the precipitation . 2.Prevailing Winds - London is in the Westerlies wind belt .The wonds come from east to west over the Atlantic Ocean .They bring over prevailing winds.
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