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le Tour de France

No description

lola johnson

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of le Tour de France

The Tour de France is usually held in July. It is held every year, but with the exception of the two world wars.
There are diferent classifications for the general leaders, the points leaders, the mountain leaders and the youth leaders.
General leaders: yellow jersey
Points leaders: green jersey
Mountain leaders: polka dot jersey
Youth leaders: white jersey

The rider with the
lowest time becomes
the leader and wear the
yellow jersey.

What is it?
The Tour de France is an annual cycling race that was first held to promote the magazine L'auto. This years editon is the 101st.At the momment the race is being opperated by Amary Sport Orginisation.
The Compeditors
When the race first started it was open to anyone who wanted to compete, however as the race became more popular, only proffesional cyclists were able to enter and the race was lengthened. The number of teams for the tour variey from 20-22, the consist if 9 riders.
Le Tour De France
The first winner was Maurice Garin (from france).

Lance franklin (from america) was a profesional cyclist who won the tour de france seven times, but then he got stripped of all his trophies and was disqualified because he took performance enhancing drugs. He is now banned from all competitive sports.

Cadel Evans came seventh in the summer olympics and then decided to compete in the tour de france. he won the 2011 tour de france and at 34 he was one of the five oldest men to win, he was also the first Australian to win.

The Tour de France is held in france.....

Each year the cyclists pass by different countries.
They have to go up gruelling mountains and high cliffs.
This year the riders are going to west Yorkshire, England and then they are riding to London and to finish they are going back to France.

The race started in the year 1903 and was first created to lift paper sales for the magizine 'L'auto.
The Route
The route of the race changes every year, however the format stays the same including: the passage through the mountain chains of the Pyrenees and Alphs, at least two time trials and the finish in Paris. The modern editions of the tour consist of 21 day-long stages over 23 days. The Tour De France covers aproximatly3,500 km and alternates between anti-clockwise and clockwise circuts of France. Originally it ran around the perimiter of France.
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