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AIS Group of Companies

No description

Mario Schembri

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of AIS Group of Companies

| Unearthing our past | | Innovating the present | | Sustaining our future | Advanced Industrial Systems Ltd. provides engineering solutions Fields of specialisation include:
· SCADA systems
· Building Energy Management Systems
· Biometric Systems (Security & T&A)
· Systems design and specialist advise
· Electrical control panel manufacture AIS Environmental has first hand knowledge and experience of regional environmental matters.

The firm employs a team of professionals supported by additional foreign specialists.

As pioneers of environmental consultancy in Malta,
the firm has accumulated a diverse project experience and a varied portfolio. 2004 2010 High waste recovery rates are achieved through educational programmes aimed at schools and the community.

GreenPak is also responsible for separated waste collection and recycling.

Over 1,300 companies and 35 Councils use the services of GreenPak. Part of PROEUROPE licensing
the use of the Green Dot Promoting open-source technologies, Ingenious provides large scale deployments including multi-lingual, multi-functional online retailing software. 2011 The services offered by the team include:

| Monitoring | Excavations | Surveys |

| Heritage Protection | Impact Assessments| 2013 AIS is a hi-tech company operating in
Systems Integration.

Specializing in industrial electronics, instrumentation and control systems, a strong team of engineers and technicians form the backbone of this 22 year old company. 1991 AIS Environmental is a leading consulting firm providing a spectrum of services Areas of specialisation includes: The birth of AIS Today ..... GreenPak is a COOP Society owned by industry Is the longest running and largest waste recovery scheme operating in Malta. Is a founding member of EXPRA, the Brussels based lobby group promoting EPR IT company to provide web-based solutions The development team is composed of open-source experts with a combined experience of over 40 years providing:

| Customer Relations Management | Content Management System |

| Web Design | Search Engine Optimization | Network Support | AIS Archaeology brings together the largest team of archaeologists working in Malta. Modeled on the Extended Producer Responsibility concept, GreenPak fulfill its objectives, by engaging industry, the authorities and the community to work together towards sustainable recycling. AIS Group of companies The story continues ...... 1995 Environmental Impacts Assessments
Energy | Waste | Transportation | Urban Natural Habitats
Ecology | Marine | Water | Air Monitoring & Surveying
Traffic | Air | Noise | Water | Ground Waste
Policy | Management | Minimization GreenPak is a packaging waste compliance scheme | Unearthing our past | | Innovating the present | | Innovating the present | I Sustaining our future | | Sustaining our future | visit: www.aisgroup.com.mt
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