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Getting Emotional (and Social) About Education

Intro to the what, why and how of SEL

Rona Novick

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Getting Emotional (and Social) About Education

Rona Novick, PhD Getting Emotional (and Social)
About Education: A Bright Idea Consider your priorities
Consider your resources - what can you build on
Before you start something- decide to do it right
Consider the small changes that make a difference
What will you personally do differently?
What one big idea will you bring back to your team? How Do We Do It? School wide or targeted groups
Prevention or intervention
"Experts" or teachers
Start early or any grade level
Little or Lot (dosage)
One time vs. On-going Why Do We Need It? Watch the video and on your Graffiti Strips, write any
big ideas, quotes, thoughts you want to share Yeshiva University School Partnership Teaching students to
recognize and manage emotions
set and achieve positive goals
appreciate perspectives of others
make responsible decisions
handle interpersonal situations constructively What do people in your school think about these skills?
Do they view them as important?
How are they seen as compared with academic skills?
Is this what you thought SEL is? What is
Social Emotional Learning? Making Introductions You have eight "stickies". We will each introduce ourselves - say where we work/study and in
NO MORE THAN 8 WORDS (one per sticky)
tell us your idea/view/definition of
Social Emotional Learning.

Write your definition - one word per sticky What do people in your school think about these ideas?
Would they endorse them?
Are there things about SEL benefits that surprised me? That my teachers do not know?
What does it cost to address SEL? To not address it? How would you approach these questions/decisions at your school ?
Where would SEL "fit" with your mission, existing initiatives, programs?
What strengths do you have that would be a natural support for SEL?
What training/support will staff need?
How will you sell/market this?
What are the financial ramifications? Some Big SEL Ideas Good for everyone, everyone benefits
Ounce of prevention worth pounds of cure
Teachers MORE effective than "experts"
Developmentally appropriate approaches are useful AT ANY TIME
All approaches MUST BE S-A-F-E
S- sequenced
A- Active learning included
F- Focused on skill development, including enough time and practice to build mastery
E- Explicit goals identified What Now?
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