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David Powell

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Presentation

NEOCON 2013 Creating Opportunity Agenda SINCE LAST YEAR... 1. 2012 was a great year. More sales. More Enworkers. More great new reps.

2. Hot Product
1. Grid Growth
2. XT Electric Adjustable Tables
3. Higher Education Focus 3. Super Fans

4. Operational Improvement

5. Quote Improvements

6. Major orders TABLES STRATEGY 1. Two Major New Product Platforms
* Stealth
* Concurrence
2. Three New Product Lines
* Statement (Conferencing)
* Saw Horse (Conferencing/Training)
* Grid XT Bench 3. Technology Integration
* Video Sharing ( "Mediascape" type products)
* Video Conferencing 4. New Support Furniture 5. Material and Finish Enhancements

6. Additional Power/ Data Options 2012 VS. 2013 SALES MIX 2012 Sales Mix 2013 YTD Sales Mix Tables: 62%
Grid: 19%
Apex: 8%
Components: 6%
Affinity: 3%
Other: 2% Tables: 64%
Grid: 22%
Apex: 7%
Components: 3%
Affinity: 3%
Other: 1% CURRENT MAJOR INITIATIVES 1. Product Development

Turn-Around time
Grid Renderings

3. IT - New Business System

4. SCS Environmental Certification PRODUCT STRATEGY Product Strategy Turnkey Training and Conference Rooms
Upward Movement in design and price, but still with Enwork value proposition...
Leverage Our Strengths
Sensation/Impression/Foundation/ Value Grid Enhancements
Finish and Materials Enhancements STEALTH 1. Design Theme: Edgy Design

2. Platform Products:
Conference Tables with Long Spans and Troughs
Team Tables

3. Product Characteristics
Seated and Bar Height Tables
Laminate/Veneer/Steel/Bent Steel Fillers CONCURRENCE 1. Design Theme: Modern Refined Design
2. Platform Products:
Conference Table with long spans and troughs
VS Table with Video Sharing Technology (Mediascape)
Monitor Wall (Short and Long)
Drum/Cone Bases
3. Product Characteristics
Segmented and Non-Segmented Options
Seated and Bar Height Tables STATEMENT 1. Design Theme: Expressive Design with Unique Materials
2. Characteristics
1. Fully Integrated Cable Routing
2. Table Base Aesthetic Choices
Laminate and Veneer with mitered Ply Edge
Laminate and Veneer with mitered matching laminate/veneer sides
Optional In-Fills
Glass SAW HORSE 30-45 Minutes
State of the Union
Product Strategy
2013 Rep Firm of the Year

45-60 Minutes
Breakout Sessions 1. Design Theme: Classic Design with Modern Materials

2. Characteristics:
Conference Table Version (Rectangular Legs)
Training Table Version (Square Legs)
Anodized Aluminum Adjustability Developments 1. Grid XT Bench
1. Combination of Impression XT Electric adjustable bases and Grid.
2. Available in 2-packs, 4-packs, 6-packs, 8-packs, 10-packs, etc. 2. New Impression Pneumatic Bases
1. "X" Base- better functionality and lower price
2. "T" Base- better functionality Ellora Video Sharing (VS) Technology Description: Show me Cables allow users to take control of a flatscreen display. Useful in a collaborative teaming environment.
Product Characteristics:
2, 4, or 6 user video screen share
HDMI or VGA Adapters (but not both at same time)
One or two monitor controls Clickshare VS Technology Description: WIRELESS USB Connectors allow users to share content and take control of a flatscreen display. Multiple users may display on the same monitor (split screen).
Product Charachteristics:
Up to 24 user video screen share
USB interface Technology (Slide 3) 1. TURN KEY- Monitors purchased from Enwork (separate from table)
Samsung Commercial Grade LED Monitors
4 widths
3-year parts and labor warranty 2. Video Conference Solutions (not Video Sharing)
Better- exact model tbd
Best- exact model tbd TABLE TOP MATERIAL ENHANCEMENTS 1. Back Painted Low Iron Glass Tops
1. Available Gloss or Matte (Acid Etched)
2. White Back Painted
2. Solid Surface by WilsonArt
1. Two edge profiles- Knife and 2.5' flat
2. One-piece tops
3. Designer White Standard
3. Quartz (Cambria)
4. Ply Edge (2.5" Flat)
5. KrystalCast SUPPORT FURNITURE 1. Credenza Options
Turn Key Options- monitor lifts, AV racks trash disposal, refrigerators, venting
New Top Material Options (Ply, Solid Surface, Quartz, Back Painted Glass)
New Corner Credenza and Beverage Carts 2. Turn Key Whiteboards
Porcelain NEW POWER/DATA OPTIONS 1. Ellora- aluminum unit with power below, flip up door and good cable management capability
2. Axil- table top flat
3. Alexander Linear- "cool shape" GRID ENHANCEMENTS 1. Design Oriented Aesthetic Improvements
1. Thin Frame (including top cap option with no topper screen slot)
2. Thin Square Legs
3. Glass Topper Screens (including whiteboard and magnetic whiteboard)
2. Landscape Storage - Major new line of "low storage"'
3. User-Oriented Changes
1. New "Full Scallop" Option
2. PM Platform
3. Clamp-on Workstation Divider
4. Installation and Planning Improvements
1. Lay-In Cabling
2. 84" Frames
3. New top Shape- Angled Transition LANDSCAPE STORAGE 1. 24"H low storage on Grid square legs
2. Modern Design (removal of "lock bar")
3. Statement of Line
Bookcases (30"/36"W x 24"H x 18"D)
Glass/Acrylic Door Options
Axil Power Option with Cable Management (Wire Ties) Under- Cabinet
Personal Cabinet (leveler and caster option)
Storage Tower
Coat Rod or Shelf options
42"H to Match Grid Frames MISCELLANEOUS 1. Veneer version of Affinity
2. Monitor Lift Redesign (Internal)
3. New Ellipse Shaped Conference Table Shape
4. Furniture Components will evolve to Custom Capabilities FINISH ENHANCEMENTS 1. Laminate Changes- 1 standard going away, 2 new
2. Fabric Changes- some staying, some going away
3. Veneer Changes- adding Bamboo (carmelized- narrow with clear stain) REP FIRM OF THE YEAR



2012- BRUCE LONGHINO GROUP REP FIRM OF THE YEAR CRITERIA Commitment to Enwork as a major part of your line package- "lead line"
Provides suggestions and input
Sells all aspects of the Enwork portfolio
High sales volume or sales growth
Professional- If we don't like you, you won't win 2013 REP FIRM OF THE YEAR Bruce Longhino Group (Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky) 2013 OUTSTANDING GROWTH CFC Group (Georgia) Ritz Associates (New England) SHOWROOM LOGISTICS Sunday 4:00 - 8:00 pm
Monday 7:30am - 7:00 pm
Tuesday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm BREAK OUT TIME!!! 15 MINUTES AT 4 STATIONS SATURDAY Lisa
Allor Group
Rorden Associates
Schneider League

Morgenstern Consulting
Ritz Associates SUNDAY MORNING Lisa
Blue Sky
Jack Werksman

Fred Hursh
Silsby Nunes
Mark Burns

Contract Source OUTSTANDING GROWTH 2012 - Lindsay Associates Bob
Design Source
Ditty Rehkamp
Carolina Contract

Moore Solutions Bob
Group 4
MDR Assoc

CFC Group Bob
Lear Associates
Levine Calvano

Bruce Longhino Group
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