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Jack Middleton 8T1

Cwrt Sart

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Titanfall

Titanfall is the most amazing game ever because it has jetpacks,mechs and dragons. It is set in the future and there is two teams, IMC and Militia.
You can get burn cards which are little boosters that give you amped weapons and extra abilities.
Titanfall will release on Xbox One and PC in North Amercia on March 11, March 14 in Europe. For Xbox 360 it will release in North America on March 25 and March 28 in Europe
Primary Pilot Weapons

Data Knife - A tool for hacking bots and other tech.
Frag Grenade - A throw-able explosive.
Satchel Charge - A c4 like explosive that can be placed on any surface and detonated from afar with the push of the red.
Arc grenade - A grenade that can be thrown at enemy titans and pilots that scramble their HUD and bring down titan shields.
Arc Mine - A mine variant of the Arc Grenade.
Tactical Ability

Cloak - Temporarily grants invisibility to a Pilot, allowing for covert operations.
Stim - Temporarily boosts speed and health regen for a short time.
Active Radar Pulse - Temporarily allows vision of enemies through walls.
Titanfall (The Best game evah!!!!)
Titanfall Maps
1 Airbase
2 Angel City
3 Boneyard
4 Corporate
5 Colony
6 Demeter (Map)
7 Fracture
8 Lagoon
9 Nexus
10 Outpost 207
11 Overlook
12 Relic
13 Rise
14 Smugglers Cove
15 Training Ground
16 Universe Navigation
R-101C Carbine - Fully automatic assault rifle used by Pilots.
R-97 Compact SMG - Fully automatic Submachine gun with a high fire rate.
Smart Pistol Mk5 - Semi-auto handgun with lock-on capability.
EVA-8 Shotgun - Semi-automatic shotgun.
Longbow-DMR Sniper - Semi-automatic sniper rifle with Ex Zoom Scope.
C.A.R. SMG - Submachine gun with high rate of fire and medium damage.
G2A4 Rifle - Old variant rifle, obsolete but still powerful.
Hemlok BF-R - High damage, high rate of fire assault rifle.
Krabr-AP Sniper - Long distance, high damage sniper rifle.
Spitfire LMG - long range machine gun with lethal stopping power.
Other Weapons
*pokemon battle music plays*
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