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Chris McCandless Hero's Journey. Haylee and Nishta

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Nishta Coonjobeeharry

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Chris McCandless Hero's Journey. Haylee and Nishta

Chris McCandless' Hero's Journey
Crossing The Threshold (Accepting the call)
McCandless accepted the call when he decided to leave his home town and go out into the wild. He left after graduation without a word to his parents; except leaving behind his graduation marks.
The Meeting With The Mentor
Test, Allies, and Enemies
The Ordinary World
Chris McCandless ordinary world was his childhood life. McCandless was raised in Annandale, Virginia. Soon after, when he embarks on his journey he considers South Dakota as his home. He had 7 sibling in his extended family, Carine with whom he was very close with; 6 other half brothers and sister from his fathers first marriage. His ordinary world included him working for many jobs such as a pizza delivery guy. Some include him owning a neighborhood copy business, selling vegetables, or even a neighborhood contractor.
Through out the novel "Into The Wild" we see that McCandless's mentor is mainly Jack London. We know this because Chris always quotes him quite often in the novel. Even though individuals might speculate that it was Wayne Westerberg.
The Refusal Of The Call
The Call To Adventure
Chris's call to adventure was when he found out that his father betrayed him. When he went on a road trip and meet some family friends. His parents had him when his father was married to another woman. The mother was the mistress to his father. After that everything had change. His perspective on life, his perspective on his parents love.
The Approach To The In-most Cave
The Ordeal
The Reward
The Road Back
The Resurrection
Return With the Elixir
1. Transcendent Hero: Chris`s realization at the end of the novel
2. Father-son Conflict: Chris does not repect his parents (father), because his father had a love affair
3. Nature vs Mechanistic World: Chris doesn't want a vehicle or a phone or anything that is related to technology he just wants to be out in the wilderness
4. The Threshold: Chris enters his own new world and the start of his new life. He has to adapt to the environment.
5. The Cross-Roads: Chris realizes that being alone isn't as satisfying as he thought in the beginning
McCandless soon after leaving from his home town, meets people along his way, such as Wayne Westerberg, Ronald Franz, Jan Burres, and Jim Gallien. They all help him in his journey to Alaska. Whether it be a shelter, a place to eat or a place to get a job to get some money.
McCandless's friends prepared him for the trip he was about to a take. They either gave him money, food, clothes, or even footwear. They all gave Chris supplies to embark on his adventure, for him to be safe in the wild.
The first incident that occurred was when he drowned in Mexico with his canoe. He was then afraid of water. The second incident that happened was when he had to cross the Sushana River to get to the bus.
The reward in some cases was when he decided to go back home and live a non-acetic lifestyle. Some believe that his reward was that he made it
100 days
in the wilderness. Some mights say that the reward is him forgiving his parents,and forgiving himself.
McCandless decided to go back home, but the river was to deep for him to walk across. Him being scared of water made it difficult for him to swim across the river. Unfortunately Chris didn't get the chance to return back home.
Chris' anger was fueled by his discovery he had made 2 summers earlier. He went to California and pieced together facts about his father previous and subsequent marriage. Walt, Chris' father, continued his relationship with Maria, his ex-wife. Walt lived a double life, who he soon had another child 2 years after Chris was born. Many spectate that McCandless refused that call when he decided to live a perfect life for his parents. Then when they were strung in, he would just leave without a word.
The Resurrection happened during the part when McCandless was too weak to get out of the bus, because he was poisoned by mold that grew on seeds he had eaten. He comes to the realization that "happiness is only real when shared". He was preparing himself to forgive his parents and himself. It finally resolves when Chris is at peace and he is happy.
A moose hunter finds Chris's remains and finds his journal. Jon Krakauer soon later turns Chris's story into a novel "Into The Wild". Later becoming a film. Carine, Chris`s sister had made another book called "The Wild Truth" about Chris's journey.
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