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August Alsina

No description

Janice Rodriguez

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of August Alsina

August Anthony Alsina, Jr.
Who is August Alsina?
Born and bred from the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, enter into the game, 21-year-old August Alsina...
Growing up...
Alsina was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both his father and stepfather battling crack cocaine addiction his birth father later on soon died. Alsina had disagreements with his mother at some point and was "kicked out." After his older brother, Melvin La'Branch III, was shot and killed on August 31, 2010, he became more committed to his music, and relocated to Atlanta in 2011.
August's birthday?
September 3, 1992!!!

August Alsina's Family
Melvin La'Branch is August older brother that was shot & killed. He also has three nieces from his older brother that was killed. His mother is also still around.
My favorite songs....
Griding, Fml Feat. Pusha T, Don't forget about me,Ghetto Feat. Rich Homie Quan, Kissin on my tattos and MANY MORE !
What inspired August Alsina to be committed to his music ?
After his lost of his brother August began to take his music more serious.
How did August even start all this ?
Since 14 years old young August been singing....
ALL of his tattoos are my fav..
One thing August knows is you either work hard or go home...
August works so hard that while performing he fell off the stage & got into a coma...
No worries tho he's good now !
Big ol 22 !

This is the end of August Alsina!!
Was singing since younging
Him singing all natural !!!
Baby August !!
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