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Sascha Russell

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

#digitalHRpeople Vision
To create confident, curious, capable HR people who share the (bow) WOW of digital

TEF UK Vision
TEF UK Vision
Why we're doing #digitalHRpeople

Think like our customers, digital company starts within each of us
Attracting digital natives, need a digital presence
Be ready for the future and be a part of shaping the future
Advocates of digital, have credibility and surprise the business
Dispel some myth’s about digital solutions and share benefits
Increased efficiency – save time and money
Build the foundation to look at people processes
Be more……digital
Our measures

HR has a Digital Presence
Active digital community, 50% of HR team has twitter account. We follow each other on twitter and engage
Raise external profile using social media accounts
Enter for awards

New tools and apps used Digital language used
People talking about digital things
Using our own products TUGo, O2 train
Sharing new apps – prezi, ibrainstorm, Evernote
See more people using their ipads and byod

Number of digital interventions
Online training sessions and Digitalise me sessions

Increase in knowledge and confidence
Measured by survey before, during and after
People willing to try new things and be curious
Know who to go to for help

Be award winning
Look for awards to apply for in the digital space

thing that you would like to know more about
thing you would like #digitalHRpeople to deliver
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