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Is child labour all around the world caused by poverty?

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Tyra Ea

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Is child labour all around the world caused by poverty?

Is child labour all around the world caused by poverty?
Child labour is both the cause and consequence of poverty. However it is not the only factor of child labour. There are many other reasons why there is child labour such as; tradition and high dependence on agriculture.
When does children’s work become child labour?
Child labour is the unacceptable form of children’s work. Hazardous work or labour that destroys the mental, physical or well-being of a child is a form of child labour. Labour that is performed by a child who is under a certain age specified for that kind of work is another form.
How many children are involved with Child Labour around the world?
In 2002 there was an estimation on352 million children involved in children work. Of these, 246 million children are involved in child labour for abolition and 187 million of these children are aged 5-14. 180 million are working in the worst forms of child labour, with at least 8 million in worst forms such as child prostitution, forced labour and armed conflict.
What happens to the Children once they are sold?
Poverty is one of the main factors why child labour exists. Poor families struggle to survive and therefore need more people to work to get more pay. The other reason why child labour exists today is due to lack of education. Poor education made children to not know their rights and make an easier target to get them lower pay.
What can we do to help child labour?
We can donate money to help UNICEF or other campaigns to help child labour. UNICEF has promised to help children by getting them food, shelter and job placement. have also promised to work with their parents to find means of income other than child employment and will encourage parents to allow their children to attend to school.
Once children are sold they usually live in dens or sheds until work is found for them. When living in these dens or sheds they rarely receive sunlight, food or water. Besides not be given the items needed to survive properly, children are beaten with sticks usually iron rods, burnt with cigarettes and branded with hot iron.
Why is there child labour?
How is Child Slaver/Labour harmful to children?
Child Slavery and Child Labour are harmful the children in three different ways mentally, physically and socially. This effects a child mentally since depression is commonly seen since these children will never see their parents again. Physically because these children are commonly beaten with anything their owner can find. Finally socially, because of work the children will never get the chance to go to school and enjoy the rights a normal child should experience.
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