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Sweet Malaysia trip

I love there because you are there

Sylvia Chen

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Sweet Malaysia trip

Sweet Malaysia Trip
First Week
Second Week
We have English class and music class .
All of these classes are interesting !
And also Kiwi join us again .
Third Week
This is our last week in UM .
And we prepare photo and video to competion .
Last Week
with Kiwi
Second day we go to KLCC .
You worry about we don't know how to go around there .
So you come to KLCC by LRT .
When I see you , I'm so excite . Because you are really come to KLCC !
Last two day we have Malaysian languageㄇclass .
You come to be a audience . And teach us how to speak Malaysian language .
I am relieved and feel save relying on your side .
Once in the class , we compete with other group for guess the facial expression .
But we are lose . Then we sing a happy birthday song for teacher and classmates . We use three language : Chinese , English and Malaysian language .
However just kiwi know how to speak Malaysian language ...
So we give kiwi a show time to singing happy birthday song use Malaysian language by himself !
About the music class , we learned how to play Malaysian traditional instrument .
And the music teacher know Kiwi is a audience too .
Then she know we are a couple , she is suprised ! Because we live differnt city .
But we still meet and fall in love.
We produce video and you are the actor in our video .
I am appreciate that you take me out to eat so many delicious food !

Finally , it's show time ~~~
You are a good cameraman ! Help us to take photo when we are performing .
Take LRT
Dinner Time
We are arrived !!!
First day , you go to UM and give me something daily I need . But when we are arrived , it's so late already .
First weekend I see your family !
They are so nice :D
Malaysian Language Class
Wedding party
movie ticket
finally I can watch you dying hair
Mango flaver !!!
Handsome <3
Take LRT
someone want to take LRT
A shopping mall
He has a cool hairstyle just like purple banana
We won the Panug competition
It's a prize : D
Drawing ~
It is a special design !
I hope we can wear it early !!
Happy : D
This hot pot is big than our face !!
We are too full > <
The lunch is too expensive
> <
Rm 8 !!
Roti !!
I like banana flaver !
But so many people say that is unhygienic..
: /
Go to Genting
Happy you are here : D
A dating after Melaka trip
Cable car
beautiful view ~~~
Last day ...
never let you go

Fun Time
someone is so
Cheak in
you are so tired , I know > <
have a happy music class
You are a good boyfriend !
Our Valentine's Day
we want to go Genting , but no bus can drive us :(
When we finesh our Maleka trip , other day we go to Genting !!
We go to amusement park in Genting .
That is a sunny day but not hot . Actually it's quite cool ! And no fog ~~~
In the outside , there are so many entertainment facility .
First , we go to Space shot !! But someone doesn't come with us .. : (
Okay , it's fine ~ : P
We stay a night in Genting .
There is a nice view !
In the room , they don't have air conditioning ㄝ. Because there would be cold at night !
when we finished our Genting trip , it's show us there is only left one night in Malaysia ...
Today is a Closing ceremony
Thank you dear
You are so tired , because you stay us all day.
I'm so happy that you still come for us
Today is our Anniversary too !
saya cintamu
This weekend is our Melaka two-day trip ~
But teacher doesn't reply us if you can come with us or not . Because he said he need to think about that .
Until Saturday , heㄋjust say no when we asked ...
Nevertheless , nothing can stop us ! You still go to Melaka and take us to go around there .
And thanks your friend take us to eat tasty food !
popular cake shop !
Even though you are not here , I can take ㄟㄧout !!
Everything I want to share with you <3
I miss you
It's a Tree restaurant
thank you for see us off at the airport
Closing ceremony for English class
Forever and Ever
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