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Fashion Stylist

No description

Emily Strader

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Stylist

By: Emily Strader Fashion Stylist Outline -Story
-Career Field
-Future prospects
-Job Shadowing
-Salaries Story Career Field -Fashion Stylists can work with many different people and even T.V. shows or movies

-They can be hired to be a personal stylist

-There are many different places one can reside if they pursue this career

-They help create wardrobes for famous people and movies

-This career will always be needed because people will always want to be looking their best! -I have always had an interest in fashion and looking my best

-I love keeping up with new trends and styles

-Giving makeovers and trying new hairstyles have always been hobbies of mine

-I will never get tired of helping others look beautiful! SCHOOLING -In order to be a fashion stylist, you must know a lot about color schemes, trends and the newest styles

-Many colleges offer a degree in this career and help to organize your future in this industry

-A fashion merchandising degree can help you to be a stylist
for anyone! TRAINING -Being a fashion stylist takes alot of work because you have to spend much of your time looking through magazines and reading fashion blogs

-keeping up with the latest fashion can be time consuming

-Practice putting together different outfits for yourself and others to create the most fashionable look

-Always ask people about their own opinions on what they like and keep that in mind when helping them create their own style

-Always be practicing make-up and hairstyles to go along with the perfect outfit FACTS -A fashion stylist's main priority when creating the "perfect look" for someone is that he or she makes sure that the person is comfortable and happy with the outcome of their appearance

-Fashion Stylists are always there to answer any questions one might have about an occurring trend or hairstyle, they just want to help everyone look their best!

-A fashion stylist must always be honest about their opinions on something and always open to try new things THE FUTURE -In the future, I plan to attend TCC and complete my basic classes

-After TCC I would like to attend San Diego State or a university to major in a degree in fashion

-For my career, I would love to work in L.A. and be a fashion stylist for celebrities or work for a magazine like Vogue or In Style Job Shadowing Experience -Over spring break I flew to California and job shadowed Erin Monroe, a celebrity make-up artist and former model. She showed me major fashion spots in L.A. and took me to studios and stores that she has worked in. She talked to me all about being in the fashion industry and gave me plenty of advice. I watched her give someone a makeover and took notes. After a day in L.A. and shadowing Mrs. Monroe I feel like I am prepared to proceed with my dreams of becoming a stylist. -There is no set salary for fashion stylists, every salary can vary depending on who you work for or where you work.

-Fashion Stylist and salaries can range from $500 to $5,000 a day. Salaries The future outlook on this career field: -Fashion has always been a major part of society. Everyone always wants to look their best, and no matter how bad the economy is, people are still going to want to look good. Being in the fashion industry not only gives me the opportunity to boost self confidence in others but it also gives me a chance to be the first to know about new trends and styles. As time goes on, there will always be a demand for fashion and clothing. My Role Model in Fashion: -My favorite model in the fashion industry has and always will be British model Cara Delevingne. She is beyond gorgeous and proves that being in this industry doesn't always change who you are as a person. She still has time to joke around and be silly and still have a career out of it. She is not afraid to live her life. Before the makeover: During the makeover: AFTER THE MAKEOVER: PREVIOUS WORKS: Thank You for Your Time :)
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