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Health and Well-being lessons Early Stage Primary

Colm Gogarty

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Olympics

what does it take to
become a top athlete? good diet stretching techniques exercise routine healthy eating points morning yoga what do they eat? different sports
different body types regular exercise fit and healthy what do we know about it? the olympic code:
"faster, higher, stronger" olympics famous athletes olympic records modern day london 2012 sports pyshology:
pressure on athletes to win famous athletes the olympic torch athens history of the games how sports have developed parent supporters local athlete visits olympic commentator reports:
written/audio/video class olympics each table represents a nation class displays create new sports and games award cermony design new logo injuries how the body
repairs itself? R.I.C.E. performance enhancers:
right or wrong? behaviour/eating/competition results added to medals table turn the class into an olympic village
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