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Unit 109 - Working Safely in Sport and Active Leisure

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Scott Macdonald

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Unit 109 - Working Safely in Sport and Active Leisure

Working Safely in Sport
and Active Leisure

What will I learn from this Unit?
Unit 109
The basic health and safety guidelines in the workplace.
How to prepare, tidy and clean facilities.
How to assist in the setting up and taking down of equipment.
How to safely evacuate a Sports facility.

Responsibilities at Work
At work every employee has responsibilities that they must adhere to. These are in place to ensure that every workplace is safe.
Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines
Every workplace has guidelines they must follow. This will include:

Staff Handbook
This is available to all employees and covers all the companies policies and procedures. Its put in place to protect both yourself and the company.
Risk Assessments
This is a record completed before an activity by members of staff detailing any possible incidents that could happen in that area. For example, in the classroom, the wires are a trip hazard and this is including in our risk assessment.
It is done to highlight risks to employees so they can stop accidents happening.
TASK - Complete the risk assessment table in your workbook.
Operating Procedures
These are usually kept in a manual to tell staff about everyday procedures they should know such as opening/closing of the premises and reporting injuries.
It will also include emergency procedures such as what to do in the event of a fire, or in the event of a break in.
Safety, warning signs and labels
Each workplace must display warning signs and labels to display where the risks are, and hazard prevention. For example, where there may be a risk of electrocution, a sign will be there to prevent it.
Health and Safety
These responsibilities are put in place to ensure all staff keep the area hazard free. They must follow the Health and Safety Act 1974 which was put in place to:
Maintain and improve health and safety standards at work.
Protect other people against risks to health and safety.
Control the storage and use of dangerous substances.
Control certain emissions into the air from certain premises.
First Aid and Manual Handling
These responsibilities are that only people who are trained should carry out certain activities. For example, only trained first aiders should deal with injuries to prevent the company being sued. And only people with Manual Handling qualifications should love heavy items to prevent injury.
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
Every must provide employees with PPE in siutations which they may face injury or illness. For examples, builders are provided with Hard Hats and Oil Rig Workers with thermal clothing.
What happens when health and safety isn't treated seriously?
When health and Safety works.
Sprained Ankle
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