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Fever 1793 Book Report

No description

Jasmin Benitez

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Fever 1793 Book Report

Fever 1793
By: Laurie H. Anderson Book Report By: Jasmin Ruiz Summery of plot 16 year old Mattie Cook lives with hard working mother Lucille, former captain grandfather and freed slave Eliza who serves as there cook. Things go well running the coffeehouse until fever breaks out in Philadelphia where they lived Mattie is forced to watch the people around her die of yellow fever including her mother. She and her grandfather flee the country to get away from the epidemic but they are turned away from accusation of having yellow fever. As her grandfather grows weak, Mattie must learn to survive and manage in a place filled with disease. Setting & Time Period
Author Laurie Halse Anderson tells the story of a 4 month period of blazing hot days in Philadelphia in 1793. Mattie lives in the upper level of a coffeehouse. She described it as roomy and being able to fees 100 people a day. In this point in history, disease was not very common. It states that the last epidemic that had struck was over 30 years ago. Due to this, American doctors were not very educated in medicine, but French doctors were. Historical Fiction
This book qualifies because the yellow fever epidemic did happen. This epidemic started in the excruciating hot summer of 1793. It devesated more than 10% of Philadelphia's population and almost left the historic city into a ghosttown During the 4 month period of the epidemic, her wore out mother got devestated with the fever. Mattie suffered watching her mother be ill. She is greatly impacted because she is forced to abandon her sick mother. Another thing was when Mattie lost her grandfather. Her grandfather was a father figure and her role model. Because of the tragic epidemic, Mattie was foreced to watch the people around her die, lost loved ones and got seperated from her mother for months. Response In responce to this book, I feel that Mattie had to go through so much to get to her ending point. During the majority of this book Mattie watched the ill suffer and that was hard for her because she was young and was not used to seeing people like that. She watched her mother be ill and her grandfather pass away. She strived til' the end so she can mature into a young lady like her mother.
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