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wonbev presentation

No description

Pongpat Muangsiri

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of wonbev presentation

-This line integrates of flavor blending, juice sterilizer, water purify system, etc.
-Capacity 4000-5000 bottles / day
Company’s Background
Name – WonBev
Basic information
A new company established in 2012, which has its main factory and warehouse
located in Samusakhon

Your opportunity to DRIVE Our company to success.
We Loan: 30,000,000 Baht from bank.
Then we
Issue stock: ฿ 10,315,000.00
Number of Share: 200,000 shares
We sell @ 51.58 Baht per share


Our Products

We produce mixed vegetable juice with a sugar-free.(Tomato, Cabbage, Carrot, Spinach etc.)

We provides 3 sizes of bottle which are:
1) 250 ml Price at ฿35
2) 500 ml Price at ฿50
3) 750 ml Price at ฿65
3 Years Strategic Plan
-Generating at least 60 million by 2015.
-Establishing our own vegetable farm.
-Becoming top 3 vegetable beverage producer in Thailand.

Cash Flow and NPV Forecast
Pay back in 3 years 9 months and 21 days
-We wont pay the dividend in the first 3 years in order to pay back our debt as fast as possible.
Vision & Mission
To become a well-known beverage brand in local and international markets
To become a sustainable company in the beverage market and create brand royalty to customers.

Mainly concern about consumer’s health and satisfaction.
Provide the best quality and hygiene products with a reasonable price.

Target Market
Every ages
Mostly on women, sport guys and people who concern about their health. We also want to capture the people who are in non-vegetable eater market.

Organization's Structure
Wonbev's Corporate Values
-Always being flexible and cathching up to
the trends

-Being honesty and integrity.

-Willing to serve customers with
the best product and services.

-Continuously learn and improve
new things

Juice Producing Equipment
Numbers of Equipment: 2

-This UHF Clarity tag is designed for industrial applications especially in harsh conditions.
Attach on the palettes in order to identify the inventory data

RFID Clarity Tags
Numbers of Equipment: 5000

Portable Readers
Numbers of Equipments: 10
-Gathering data from the RFID Tags
-Handheld for the Inventory Checkers
Long-Range Readers
Numbers of Equipments: 3
-Gathering Data from the RFID Tags
-Attached on the warehouse exit doors
RFID Readers

-The growth rate of income in year2 is 18.63%
-The growth rate of income in year 3 is 15.38%
-The growth rate of income in year 4 is 28.02%
Net Present Value is positive @ year 4
Fianacial Objectives
First year, sale revenue more than 50 million Baht and more than 60 million within 3 years.
-Then, the 4th year, we will payout 50% of our NPV which is 1,147,448.53 Baht, so you will get 5.73 Baht per share.
-Then, in the 5th year, we will payout 30% of our net income to you.
The amount of pay out is 5,988,410.38 Baht and 29.9 baht per share.
-6th year onward, the net income still growing around 8.5-10% per year.
Hope you invest with us and grow together!!
5280761 Pongpat Muangsiri
5480073 Adisorn Utaipat
5480083 Peeravitch Sombatcharoensuk
5480861 Jittima Klinsuwan
5580043 Kamonchanok Sanganunt

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