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Early Action v. Regular Decision

No description

Terrie Nelson

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Early Action v. Regular Decision

Early Action vs. Regular Decision UNC Wilmington Early Action Why wouldn't I apply early? Benefit of applying early action Regular Decision Benefit of applying regular decision Deadline: Extended to November 7th due to recent weather conditions

Notification by US Mail: On or around January 20th

Students must reply by national response date: May 1 You will receive your admission decision sooner, yet not be committed to attend. If you are planning to re-take any standardized tests after the November 1st deadline, you may want to consider applying during the regular decision period to ensure that we have your new scores before we review your application. Deadline: February 1st
Notification: On or around April 20th
Must respond by the national deadline of May 1st Regular decision gives you the opportunity to retake standardized tests

This application plan allows you to include your first semester grades on your transcript Non-Binding If you are deferred during early action, your application will be reviewed again during regular decision.

This will give you an opportunity to provide additional or new information to strengthen your application. Remember that if you are denied during early action, you are not permitted to reapply during the regular decision round. If you have any questions regarding this information or the admission process in general, please feel free to contact our office via email at admissions@uncw.edu or call us at 910-962-2221. Non binding means that if you are admitted you are not committed to attend. There is no admission preference given to early action applicants; thus, no disadvantage to waiting for the regular decision round. We will not be full after the early round!
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