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Engaging Students in Game Design: a MacICT Project

Students are playing digital games everywhere, often to the exclusion of all else and we can capture this motivation and enthusiasm and harness it for learning.


on 19 August 2010

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Transcript of Engaging Students in Game Design: a MacICT Project

Why design and create games in schools? Games are fun, creative and engaging
Games provide the feeling of working towards a goal
Games provide opportunities to solve problems, make decisions, develop interesting narratives and collaborate with others Game Design is an opportunity for education to excite our students' passion, spirit and energy! What is the Game Design project? We offer a project that links game design to:
teaching practice
broad and specific curriculum outcomes
students from years 5 to 8 but can be adapted for other years
Kahootz Training and Teaching Resources
Training in web2.0 technologies
Good Game Design Resources
Support from Game Design Team If you a teacher undertakes this project,
MacICT will provide: Project Expectations Project duration - 15 hours
Project surveys
Reflective pedagogy
Sharing of exemplar games
Showcase days What is Good Game Design? Good Game Design:
encourages critical problem solving
develops collaborative skills
promotes a strong design methodology What does Good Game Design do? gives player feedback
establishes clear goals
encourages competition
challenges the player Student Outcomes Students will:
Learn to use Kahootz
Explore Good Game Design
Work collaboratively
Design and create a full game Teacher Professional Learning Outcomes Teachers will:
Enhance ICT knowledge and skills
Develop creative, innovative and reflective pedagogical practices
Gain accreditation with NSW Institute of Teachers
Collaborate online Links to the NSW Quality Teaching framework higher order thinking
substantive communication
narrative Our Research How can engaging students with Good Game Design contribute to improving students collaborative and problem solving capabilities?
Project Participants
and Supporters: 3 high schools 3 high schools 24 primary schools 3 high schools 24 primary schools Approximately
1200 students Industry Partner:

A Teacher's Story Showcase Games:
Kodu The Horizon Report - 2010 Identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, research, or creative expression with education around the globe.
Horizon Recommendations:

Game Based Learning: One of three key adoption horizons in the next 2 to 3 years

Digital Media Literacy is a key skill in every discipline and profession Engaging Students in Game Design Cathie Howe Anthony Fennell

Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre
Playing is an inherent trait of human beings which is closely tied to the learning process.

Kids play to learn - they give it a try, they push boundaries, they try over and over again, they seek patterns Why talk about games? Games are multimodal texts Creating texts refers to the production of multimodal texts in the same way that writing refers to the production of printed texts. The term 'text' refers to written, spoken or multimodal material Draft National English Curriculum To develop, implement and evaluate innovative ways of enhancing learning through the application of dynamic and emerging information and communication technologies. Our Mission Statement "Fun from games arises out of mastery. It arises out of comprehension. It is the act of solving puzzles that makes games fun. In other words, with games, learning is the drug."

- Raph Koster Playing Games is Fun "Boredom is the brain casting around for new information. It is the feeling you get when there are no new patterns to absorb."

- Raph Koster "How do I get somebody to learn something that is long and difficult and takes a lot of commitment, but get them to learn it well?"

- Dr James Paul Gee What are people saying about learning and games? Global Connections:
Planet Kodu
Consolarium Students' Stories Contact Information
Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre

Cathie Howe
Email: catherine.howe@det.nsw.edu.au
Twitter: cathie_h

Anthony Fennell
Email: anthony.fennell1@det.nsw.edu.au

Game Design Blog
http://macictgamedesign.blogspot.com/ IWBs in Game Design Tools that:
support rich digital media such as Kahootz and Kodu
allow for collaboration such as:
- shared discussions
- exploration of concepts
- deconstruction of games
- joint construction (narratives, storyboards and games)
- brainstorming
- explicit teaching of game mechanics

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