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Haley York

My e-porfolio :)

haley york

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Haley York

My Freshman Year
By Haley York HI! I'm Haley, and I'm going to be telling you a little about myself and what I have learned so far this year. I'm from Georgia; that's partially a reason why I love UGA so much. You could say I'm obsessed, but I call it dedication. INTEGRATED MATH 1 with Mrs. Garrett In math I'm not the best, but I'm working my hardest. I'm not a math person by no means, but actually, in a weird way, I like math.
We've been doing math subjects that we'll have a hard time with, then an easy one. I like that it's ranged out that way so you're not always stressed out. Some things that we've been doing lately, I actually understand and think its fun to do. In English 1 we have done projects where we had to read a book, then we had to make a test for it and explain it. Then in another topic, we had to explain to the class (or teach) what Shakespearean and Petrarchan sonnets. I thought they were really fun because I love to write poetry and read it. This is always my favorite part of English. English 1 with Mrs. Gibson Earth
M.r Sickle In Earth Science, we have a lot of fun. We have hands on learning, which is way more fun then trying to understand things while reading out of a textbook. Mr. Sickle teaches in a way that makes you think about what's going on, and makes you get out of your comfort zone. We recently had a "Land Usage Debate", and I thought it was fun because we all had to choose a person to be and debate about what the town would do with the land. Some people didn't get parts that they wanted, so they had to dig down in their minds to choose what they wanted to do with the land. Freshman Civics/History with Mrs. Franklin In civics, we've got into our history a lot. Not the wars, but the writing of the Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, ect... I love learning about America and our rich history. This is by far one of my favorite classes ever. We are also learning about the government. It gets confusing sometimes, but we need to learn this stuff because were going to be adults in four short years. Freshman Academy With Mr. Sickle/Mrs. Franklin Effective Oral & Written Communication organization Team Skills P.E. With Mr. Payne In P.E. we have played soccer, volleyball, basket ball, and went to the PARC gym. I think it's a fun class because we get to have friendly competition, and just let yourself run your energy out. In Freshman Academy, we got to learn about Prezi. We first made Prezis about us, then we did a karaoke Prezi. When we had to swap at the end of the 9 weeks, we made fake Facebook pages for all the presidents. I thought that was really challenging, but fun. And I finally learned how to spell President Dwight Eisenhower's name. And recently, in Mr. Sickles class, we made an app. I'm not the most organized person in the world by no means, but since I have been coming here, I have been more organized than before. That's saying something for me... I personally think I have awesome team skills. I love doing things with other people, especially if they're my friends. I dance, and I think that learning to communicate with other people, has helped me communicate with people here because you have to work together a lot. I think I have good oral and written communication skills. (Probably more oral than written seeing how much I talk.) It's a good way of getting your opinions and ideas across, and that could actually help people later on. Service Learning I love being a part of the Service Learning program. I chose to help kids at Murphy Elementary School, and I love it. I help the special education kids. It's so much fun getting to help and play with them because they're still little kids, and I technically am one too. The kids that I help are really nice and funny just like me, so I feel like I can help and understand them more. This is my favorite thing that I have done so far this year. THAT'S ALL FOLKS :) I plan on attending UGA after I graduate from the Early College.
I'm all about music because I just love it, and I play guitar. I'm also all about acting. Therefore, I want to pursue a degree in musical and theatrical arts. I also want to continue to do dance while I'm there, because I've been dancing since I was three.
Now, on to my high school classes. that's actually my arm Me and Karah doing the video I love Jess. I love her so much. Jess. I love her.
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