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Justin Kazembe

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

potential threats of IT
physical impacts of social media
social impacts of I.T
can occur when there is little exercise..
... burn of any fats stored in the body
there are many increased risks, such as..
Cyber bullying can occur at any time during the day,at home and at school.
Bullying can be
physical as well
as mental.

You can work on your phone some more.
Cyber-bullying can affect everyone not just children
RSI (repetitive strain injury)
Back problems if an incorrect seating position
Wrist strain from typing.
eye strain
Nearly 43%
auction fraud
Sellers on auction sites sometimes keep the items they have already sold
Only 1 in 4 children will tell a parent or adult.
About 70% of students have
visited anonymous
question sites bullying another student
70% of students report seeing
cyber bullying every day.
technology is advancing
quickly, this could result
in people losing jobs in IT
before there would have been people who where trained to work with a certain program, but as these programs get simpler and easier to use, people who are trained will no longer have work.
the elderly find it hard to understand how new technology works
video games
2 in 9n people bullied.
Over use of video games can have a negative impact...
Nearly 43% of teenagers have
said they have been bullied

virus pop ups
Photos can be a great way to
connect with friends and
Spyware can access your computer through internet pop ups.

Make sure to blur out the
House adresses
Car licsense plates
And other information people
could use to find you.
there are many ways these pop ups can trick you
Any button within the pop will automatically allow a virus into your computer. This can cause great complications to your computer
as well as social networing being helpfull for making contact with groups, it is also easy for making contact within dangerous groupes of people.
some sellers false avertise the items that they are selling

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