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The Canterbury Tales Character Analysis

No description

Catherine Kornegay

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales Character Analysis

The Canterbury Tales
Character Analysis

Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, & Carpet Maker
Reeve, Miller, Manciple, Pardoner, Summoner, & Narrator
Followed chivalry
Fought in wars
Honored for noble graces
Son- Squire
Son of Knight
Approx. 20 years old
Agile, strong, lowly, serviceable, lover, cadet
Did not sleep much
Curly Hair
Knew how to joust, dance, draw, write, sing, and play the flute
Attendant to the Squire
Coat with green hood
Mighty bow (peacock feathers), Sheild, Sword, dagger
Brown face
Proper Forester and Woodcrafter
Nun- Madam Eglantyne
Ranked just below the Abbess
Smile, simple and coy
Made an oath to patron saint of goldsmiths and courtiers (St. Loy)
Spoke French, prayed daily
Went to a nunnery near London
Well-mannered, charitable, sympathetic
Small dog owner (spoiled them)
Glass-gray eyes, fair skin, elegant, small mouth with soft red lips
Wore a golden brooch ("A" on top and "Amor Vincit Omnia" underneath) and coral-colored prayer beads
Nun and three priests
No character traits
Hobby- hunting
Traveled the country
Manly, bald, fat
Ignored rules, followed modern world ways
Had many horses and Greyhounds
Very garnished (fancy)
Jolly, pale, finest begger, courteous, lowly, sturdy voice
Hood filled with pins and pocket knives to give to pretty girls
Played the Hurdy Gurdy
Special license from the pope
Given begging rights for a certain limited area
Motley dress, beaver hat, buckled shoes
Told stories of his dreams and opinions
Never loses
Expert at currency exchange
In debt
Stately in negotiation
Oxford Cleric
Student who loved to read, lofty
Thin horse
Ragged in looks
Not employed or Christian
Borrowed money from friends for his education- did not repay them, but prayed for them
Learner and teacher
Sergeant of the Law
Wary and Wise, discreet, busy
High position, famous, won robes and fees
Drew up documents for transferring ownership of property
Knew of every judgement, case, and crime
Wore a homely parti-colored coat and a silken belt with pin-stripe
Wealthy landowner
White beard
Open household to public
Confident, cheerful, lived in the moment (for pleasure)
Best wine and bread
Loved wine and cake for breakfast
Pond of fish
Parliamentary representative
Model citizen- Sheriff
Could distinguish London Ale by flavor
Very good cook
Ulcer on his knee
Hailed from far west (Dartmouth)
Rode a horse (not well)
Woolen gown to his knees, tan, bearded
Dagger on lanyard around his neck
Thief of wine, ignored rules
Owned a barge, "The Maudelayne"
From beside Bath city
Somewhat deaf
Good at making cloth, fine kerchiefs (wore on Sunday on her head)
Hose a scarlet red, shoes soft and new, handsome red face
Five husbands, been to famous pilgrimage sites, gap-teeth, wide
Liked to laugh and chat
Poor, but rich in holy thought and work
Clerk, preacher, benign, diligent, patient with adversity
Disliked tithe, gave to poor
Found sufficiency in little things
Stayed home and watched over his fold
Old, choleric, thin
Short beard
Kept silo nice and trim
Could decide if and how many crops would grow by watching the rain and droughts
Came from the Inner Temple
Bad with money
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
"He was of sovereign value in all eyes And though so much distinguished, he was wise... (100)"
"Singing he was, or fluting all day; He was as fresh as the month of May (101)."
" A jaunty dirk, spear-sharp and well-equipped (101)."
"For courtliness she had a special zest (102)."
"He let go by the things of yesterday and took the modern world's more spacious way (103)."
"Natural gifts like his were hard to match, he was the finest begger of his batch (105)."
" His wits to work, none knew he was in debt (105)."
"His only care was study, and indeed he never spoke a word more than need (106)."
"There was no such a conveyancer as he (106)."
"As justice at the Sessions none stood higher (107)."
Set standards for workmanship and protected their members by controlling competition
Trim, fresh, gear looked like new, wealthy
Silver knives
Members of a legislative body
"Each seemed a worthy burgess, fit to grace a guild-hall with a seat upon the dais (108)."
Spoke well (medicine and surgery)
Liked Astronomy
Studied the disturbance of "humors"
Studied Roman mythology, Aesculapius
Not very Christian-like
Wore fine silk fabric
Loved gold!
" As for blancmange,
he made it the best (108)."
"The nicer rules of conscience he ignored (108)."
"He was a perfect practicing physician (109)."
Brother of Parson
Honest and hard worker, good, true, charitable
Loved God, payed tithes
Wore a jacket
Rode a mare (female horse)
"In all the parish not a dame did stir, towards the alter infront of her (110)."
"He sought no pomp or glory in his dealings (111).",_f._269_1482.jpg*vwGtVKTLhfwhGimwvnaZuh55ISTO4dUP6xmONOYwW3y-xQNKQUMu8czuxCIPP6PxEYY*vA/Knight.jpg
"He was an honest worker, good and true, living in peace and perfect charity (111-112)."
Rode with the Summoner
Gentle, liked to sing
Yellow hair, bulging eyes, small goat-like voice, smooth chin
Sewed holy relic on his cap
Spoke in latin- always said "The question is, what is the point of law?" in Latin
Angelic (red) face
Had carbuncles
Eyes narrow, thin beard
Kids feared him
Loved garlic, leeks, and onions
Stout, short-shouldered, boastful, big, brawn, broad, knotty, very strong
Wart on nose
Sword and buckler at his side
Mouth like a furnace door
Filthy mouth
Stole grain
Wore a hood of blue on a white coat
Played the Bagpipes
Geoffrey Chaucer
Known as the Father of English literature
First poet to have been buried in Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey
Some of his works are "The Book of the Duchess", "The House of Fame", "The Legend of Good Women and Troilus and Criseyde", and "The Canterbury Tales."
"A wrangler and buffoon, he had a store of tavern stories, flithy in the main (112)."
"In buying victuals; he was
never rash whether he bought
on credit or paid cash (113)."
"He kept his bins and garners very trim; no auditor could gain a point on him (113)."
"The Summoner sang deep seconds to this song, no trumpet ever sounded half so strong (115)."
"And drinking strong wine till all was hazy, then he would shout and jabber as if crazy (114)."
"The Canterbury Tales"
Inviting, striking, wise, tactful
Served great food and drink
Bright eyes, wide gith, bold in speech
A man's man
Proposes the feast for whoever made up the best story
The Tabard &
The Bell
No Character Traits
"A very striking man our host withal, and fit to be a marshall in a hall (117)."
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