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Unit 10.1

No description

Paul Sheffield

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Unit 10.1

Energy rules
Force and work done
Force and displacement
Force distance graphs
List the types of energy store
Define the term energy
Forces at work
A narrow boat is drawn by a horse along a tow path. The horse pulls the boat at a constant speed between two locks 1500m apart.
The tension in the rope is 100N to 2 s.f at 40 degrees to the direction of motion.
Calculate the work done.
Key points
Kinetic and potential energy
Principle of the conservation of energy
Unit 10.1
Work Energy and power

a motor is used to lift 20kg load to 3.0m
calculate the work done
work is energy transferred
Distance is in meters
Force is a fixed value in calculations
the direction of the force is the same as the direction of the movement
Definition of a joule
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