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Alex Leduc

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Terraria

Easymode Bosses
Hardmode Bosses
special event bosses
The Mechanical Bosses
Other Bosses
Links to all Terraria weapons, armors, ores, and tools
Easy Mode Biomes
The Floating Island is rather hard to reach in early Easymode because of all the floaty-ness. Anyway, Harpies spawn here, but they are just annoying. Wyverns also spawn here in Hardmode. They drop Souls of Flight. Note: this floating island is hallowed. This happens when hardmode is enabled and the hallowed is below the island
So, what is this crazy game that vaguely resembles Minecraft? It's Terraria, that's what! Everyone's always talking about how it can't possibly be better than Minecraft, but trust me, Terraria is way better. There are so many different types of weapons, ores, tools, and armors it would take up an entire prezi by itself! So, instead trying to cram all of that into one bubble I put links to a complete list of all of the weapons, ores, tools and armors in the game. I've included information on all of the bosses in Terraria. Events will also be included in the second bosses bubble. If this prezi doesn't satisfy your need for information about Terraria check out Yrimir or Hero on youtube. Enjoy! :)
This is Yrimir fighting Duke Fishron! Enjoy!
Hardmode Biomes
The Eye of Cuthulu is widely considered the easiest boss to defeat but provides a good challenge for a new player. I would recommend using a ranged weapon like a bow or a gun.
Skeletron is widely considered the second hardest boss in Easymode. Using a Minishark with Meteor Shot is a good choice for Skeletron.
The Eater of Worlds is the easiest boss in Easymode to melee. I would recommend a Minishark for this boss(don't let him escape the Corruption or he will despawn).
The Brain of Cuthulu is the alternate boss to Eater of Worlds. The Brain of Cuthulu has two forms. In the first he is invincible and surrounded by Creepers. Once you kill the Creepers he only has 1000 health.
The Wall of Flesh(WoF) is the hardest boss in Easymode. When you defeat him this enables Hardmode. Preparing to fight the WoF is critical. To summon him you use a Guide Voodoo Doll in the Underworld. Since the Underworld is all lava-y the most common preparation is to make a long bridge to avoid the lava and stuff. Some times I use a good melee weapon like Nights Edge to take out the Hungry, then I use a Minishark to finish him.
Queen Bee is a fairly easy boss, but I would recommend putting wooden platforms across the hive to protect you from the bees she shoots. A ranged weapon is recommend for this boss.
Lepus doesn't deal much damage but he has a lot of health and can spawn in diseaster bunnies and less powerfull versions of himself. Any weapon that deals high dps is good for this boss.
Turkor is a tricky boss because every 30 seconds or so he spawns in more heads! You have to concentrate on the body to kill him but if that's all you do then the heads will kill you! Again, any weapon with high dps is good for this boss.
Skeletron Prime is the second hardest mechanical boss. "officially" he is the hardest boss but trust me the Twins are the hardest. To fight this boss I would recommend Adamantite armor and a Megashark with Crystal Bullets. For the mechanical bosses arenas become important. Arenas give you extra mobility and you can rig up Heart Statues to give you extra life. An example of a arena is tall towers with wooden platforms in between and Heart Statues on the platforms. He also drops Souls of Fright.
The Destroyer is the easiest Hardmode boss to melee. Using nights edge or Adamantite/Titanium sword is a good choice for the Destroyer. He drops Souls of Might.
In my opinion the Twins are the hardest mechanical boss to defeat. DO NOT TRY TO MELEE THIS BOSS! As I said before a Megashark and Crystal Bullets work well. A arena helps a lot. The Twins drop Souls of Sight.
Ocram is a very hard boss and he drops Souls of Blight. These are used to make epic weapons and armor. He must be spawned in the ocean and I recommend setting up heart statues since he is one of the hardest bosses(Ocram is mobile and console only).
The Golem is a post Plantera boss since you must spawn him in the Lilihazard temple. The only pickaxe that can mine Lilihazard blocks is dropped by him. To get in you need to use a jungle key which is dropped by Plantera(bombs can blow open the doors in console and mobile). Which ever armor set you decide to use I would recommend using the top weapons in that class.
Plantera is the second hardest boss in Terraria behind Duke Fishron. Once you have defeated one of the mechanical bosses a message pops up "The jungle grows restless." This means that a plantera bulb has spawned in. To prepare for the fight I would recommend making a large open space near the bulb with a platform in middle. Place a campfire on the platform. Circle around the platform shooting at Plantera.
Duke Fishron is the hardest boss in Terraria. To fight him I would recommend using Shroomite armor with a Chain Gun and Chlorophyte Bullets. He drops some pretty over powered weapons like the Flailaron, Tsunami, Razorblade Typhoon, Tempest Staff, and Bubble Gun(Duke Fishron is computer only).
The Frost Moon(not to be confused with the Frost Legion)is a Hardmode event that is almost impossible to beat. This event is considered the hardest event in Terraria. I would recommend a setup like this one with magic or ranged set of armor with the top tier weapons that go with them.
The Pumpkin Moon is a Hardmode event that happens during Halloween. The Pumpkin Moon is the second hardest event in Terraria so I would recommend the same stuff recommended for the Frost Moon.
The Pirate Invasion is the Hardmode version of the Goblin Invasion. It is a good early Hardmode challenge and you can get some good weapons like the Cutlass and Coin Gun. After the invasion is defeated a Pirate will settle down(the Hardmode version of the Goblin Tinkerer.
The Goblin Invasion is a Easymode event that unlocks the Goblin Tinkerer NPC. It is very similar to the Pirate Invasion with exception that is doesn't have a mob similar to the Pirate Captain.
I'm really sorry about the poor quality of this photo, but it was the best I could find. Anyway the Solar Eclipse is a rare day event that can drop some very use full items. The first drop one the list is the Broken Hero Sword. It has a ruffly 1/250 drop from a Swamp Thing and Frankenstein. It can be used with Excalibur and Nights Edge to make their True equivalents, which with another Broken Hero Sword can be used to craft the Terra Blade. The Terra Blade is the most powerful sword in the game. another drop is a Broken Bat Wing, which can be used to craft Bat Wings.
Since there ar so many biomes I won't type to much about what types of slimes spawn in each biome. The Forest biome is the least dangerous biome. Not many super dangerous mobs spawn and it is where most players stay for their first few days.
The Frozen biome is an optional biome, which means that it doesn't all ways spawn when a world is generated. Again, not many dangerous mobs spawn in this biome.
The Jungle biome is one of the most important biomes. Chlorophyte ore starts to grow there in Hardmode, Plantera spawns there, plus the Lilyhazard Temple. In Hardmode it's a very dangerous biome.
The Desert isn't very dangerous or important, much like the Forest biome. Some biome exclusive mobs spawn hear, such as the Antlion and the Vulture. The Desert, again, isn't a very dangerous.
NPC's(Non-Player Character)
Easymode NPC's
The Merchant sells early Easymode things like minor healing potions, wooden arrows, and things like that. The Merchant isn't to helpful once you get good. He will spawn once you have 50 silver coins in your inventory.
The Guide spawns in automatically when the world is generated. He gives you tips that generally aren't very helpful, however in computer he can tell you what recipes a material is used in.
The Arms dealer spawns once a is acquired and in a players inventory. The Arms Dealer sells lots of useful items including the Minishark, Unholy Arrows, The Shotgun, Empty Bullet, and Musket Balls. The Arms Dealer is very helpful because of the variety of Hardmode items he sells.
The Dryad sells some useful things, like Purification Powder and Vile Powder but not many other useful things except for Sparkly Wings. The Dryad is moderately helpful because those items and because in Hardmode she tells you the Hallowed-Corruption percentage.
The Demolitionist sells all kinds of explosives, ranging from Grenades to Dynamite. The Demolitionist isn't very helpful. If any type of explosive is in a players inventory he will settle down.
The Goblin Tinkerer is one of the most helpful NPC's because since reforging weapons is possible once he has spawned. The Goblin Tinkerer also sells many use full items like Rocket Boots and The Tinkerers Workshop. Once a Goblin Invasion has been defeated he can be found in the Caverns layer.
The Party Girl is one of the most useless NPC's because she sells nothing usefull at all. The Party Girl has a 1/50 chance to settle down each morning as long as there are at least 8 NPC's and there are no NPC's waiting to settle down. USELESS!!!!!!!! ):
The Clothier, again, isn't very helpful because ha sells vanity items. He spawns once Skeletron is defeated.
The Nurse is one of the most helpful NPC's because she will heal you for money. The Nurse will spawn if you have increased your heath and if the merchant is alive.
The Dye Trader sells a dye vat and silver dye. He also sells Team Dye(only on a multiplayer server) and the Dye Trader Robe(only during Halloween). He is helpful to a mediocre degree because he lets you craft dyes. If any item used in dye is in your inventory and a empty house is available he will settle down.
The Painter sells a variety of wallpapers, paints, paintings, and tools. I don't have a painter but would rate him about the same as the Dye Trader in helpfulness.
The Mechanic is a very useful NPC, as she lets you start experimenting with wire and things like that. She sells Wire, three different colored Wrenches, many different types of Pressure Plates, Switches, Wire Cutters, Levers, and Actuators. In Mobile version She sells 1,3, and 5 second timers. In Computer She sells a fishing poll, and powered rails. Once Skeletron has been defeated She can be found in the dungeon and freed like the Wizard and Goblin Tinkerer.
Computer only NPC's
The Stylist sells a variety of Hair Dyes that change your hair style. She isn't very helpful because most armor sets cover the players hair. She can be found in the Spider Nests, bound in webs.
The Traveling Merchant randomly sells around 50 objects that can be very helpful. He randomly spawns and stays for about a day(for more information on this NPC go to the Terraria Wiki).
The Angler sends you on a variety of quests to catch special fish. When one of these fish are given to him he gives you a reward. The Angler can be found at one the oceans that are on either end of the world.
Hardmode NPC's
The Truffle is one of the most important NPC's in Terraria because he unlocks Shroomite bars. Shroomite is one of the most important materials because it's used to make the top tier Shroomite armor. He also sells blue solution which spreads the Mushroom Biome.
The Steampunker is another very helpful NPC because she sells the Jetpack and Cogs. more coming sone on this NPC!
The Cyborg is a very helpful NPC because of the array of ranged weapons that he sells. The best weapon that he sells is the Proximity Mine Launcher. It's very similar to the Rocket Launcher(it's dropped by Plantera) execept it doesn't do quite as much damage. Anyway he also sells Rocket 1 and sometimes Rocket 3. Once Plantera has been defeated he'll settle down.
The Pirate NPC is similar to the Goblin Tinkerer because once the Pirate Invasion has been defeated he'll settle down. The Pirate sells a impressive array of weaponry especially after Plantera has been defeated since this unlocks the Bunny Cannon. He also sells the Cannon which is still very dangerous. The Pirate is just cool as cannons are kind of hard to aim.
The Wizard is one of the first Hardmode NPC's He's found underground like the Goblin Tinkerer. he Sells items that are useful in early Hardmode, and some like the major Mana Potion are useful till the end of the game.
The Corruption is one of the most dangerous biomes and the Eater of Worlds spawns here.
The Crimson is the equivalent of the Corruption, and so, is relatively dangerous. Instead of the Eater of Worlds there's the Brain of Cthulhu.
The Ocean is not very dangerous, but there are lots of biome only mobs like Sharks and Orcas.
The Underground Jungle is where all the important jungle-y stuff happens. All of that stuff I mentioned about the Jungle happens here.
The Mushroom Biome is pretty important because of the mushroom Grass Seeds. When you make an above-ground Mushroom Biome that's over 100 blocks wide the Truffle will settle down.
This is the Dungeon Biome. To fully access the Dungeon Skeletron must be defeated. The Dungeon is very important because of the Biome Chests and many unique drops. The Dungeon is dangerous especially post-Plantera.
The Underworld is one of the most dangerous biomes because of the dangerous mobs, lava(aie!), and all that lava(eek!). DANGEROUS!
The Hallowed is one of the largest changes to the game once Hardmode is enabled. It's the "opposition" to the Corruption. It isn't to dangerous once you have some Hardmode stuff. Souls of Light can be found here.
The Underground Corruption is just the Corruption. Execpt underground. and more dangerous. and it's Hardmode. Deal with it.
For the Underground Hallowed see previous except insert "Hallowed" for "Corruption".
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