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No description

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Deforestation

What is deforestation?
It is when trees are chopped down on a large scale
faster than they are able grow back!
Is this bad?
Yes, it is very bad because we are doing this action much faster than the trees can handle. We will chop down a large section of trees and it will take them a very long time to grow back!
We are chopping down animals homes. Those forests are the homes to many different types of animals, so when we chop down the trees we chop down their homes.
other consequences
The trees can not grow back fast enough for this and trees are necessary for our survival!
Why are we doing this?
There are many different reason as to why we do this. One reason is so we can build a development of some kind in that area. For example, It we want apartments that usually is not very small so we have to chop down a lot of trees in one area to fit in.
We could either build less or smaller things rather than making them very large.
By: Madelynn
Alternatives continued
Instead of chopping down trees to make build something we could tear down an old abandoned building that has not been used in a very long time and is unstable
Another alternative
For every tree chopped down two more trees could be planted in its place. This would allow us to have more trees to grow so that we never have too little of them available
So over all deforestation is NOT something to take lightly. If it is not handled properly and just contines as it is going now we will eventually not have enough trees. That means we wont have them to take in carbon dioxide and let out the oxen for us which would be a major problem. The best part is there is so many ways anyone can help this problem!!
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