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Manzanar: Japenese-American Internment Camp

No description

Mac Storey

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Manzanar: Japenese-American Internment Camp

Japanese-American Internment Camp

Through the use of their limited materials and resources, the barracks built for the Manzanar’s internees provided them with shelter but the quality of living conditions fell short.
Project Idea
The idea of my project is to incorporate the limited resources, such as wood, into the building of the Japanese- American internment camp called Manzanar. From the man made barracks that the internees lived in to the schools that the children attended, wood had several uses. One of the many uses of wood in this camp included the fabrication of furniture in the barracks as well as bathroom facilities. Historically, wood has always played a significant role throughout all aspects of life. California pines were germinated around the time that humans began to write, some trees have been around longer than that.
Man Made Barracks
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