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Zebra Striped Nails Tutorial

Do you want to have an attracting look to your nails? Watch and learn! It's easy and simple!!!!!

Emily Mary Dreeszen

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Zebra Striped Nails Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to do awesome zebra striped nails?! All you need: Clean nails, white nail polish, a thin black nail polish or any color you want, and clear, and sparkle nail polish if you want. First, paint your nails white, doing two or three coats. If they still have blotchy spots, do more until looks totally white. Take out your black thin nail polish when your white nail polish is dry. Start from the side of one nail and swipe across your nail, making it thinner and thinner. Do that until you are all done with all ten nails. Its okay if you made a couple of mistakes, that is how it's supposed to be! Try not to space them out like this, it makes them not look the best! Put more stripes to make them look fuller! After you are sure that you have enough stripes to make it look fuller, this is an additional option. (I recommend this!) (not good) AMAZING Put on a clear coat! It will make it look shinier and finished! WOAH! How did they get so good at that?! What was their secret??? Actually, they used a stamp, thats simpler than doing it on your own! All you do is paint the zebra plate, scrape it off, take the pink stamp, stamp it on your zebra plate, than put it on your nails! You also can do stickers! There are so many ways of doing zebra striped nails, and here are some more!
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